Blade Runner 2!?


Is that the new Police Spinner? Lame. Nowhere near as cool as this:


I didn’t realize that this version would include Mort from the Bazooka Joe comic strips. Plus, he always seemed like more of a sidekick than a main character.



Woah! You made a Bazooka Joe reference. And I got it.

We are old.


ROFLMAO, I had the exact same problem for a long time.


New trailer’s up.


I don’t know about this one. On one hand, yay for Villeneuve, But on the other hand, that trailer did nothing for making me actually want a new Blade Runner.

Is it hot or cold in the desert? Gosling looked hot and sweaty, but then he refuses to take off his wool-lined jacket.




Well the Villeneuve hand is certainly enough for me.


Finally the question fans have been wondering about all these years will be answered… has Deckard played Atari today?


Count me as another who saw no reason for a sequel by having Villaneuve involved gives some hope.


God I hate Gosling as an actor. How does he keep getting work? He’d be much better as a model, no speaky, no emoting.


I’m really tired of dark palettes in these movies. All those gloomy shadowy scenes. So dull.


Miramon tired of shadows and dark palettes in noir. Check.


On the Total Recall scale from Wiseman to Verhoeven it does look much closer to the left end.


saw this trailer before alien movie… this looks really dumb. and i thought i was over hating gosling watching lalaland… but no… i still hate him,like brad pitt.

the best sci fi is on tv anyway. better off watching some star trek/twilight zone reruns.


Whoa whoa wait. That looks crazy great to me. What’s the problem with Gosling? Plus that detective special!


Time posted an exclusive trailer which contains some new clips from the film, interviews with the principles, and behind-the-scenes footage. It’s looking great!


See I think this may be a classic. I don’t have a problem with Gosling. Oct 6 Ill be there.