Blade Runner 2!?



Square movie trailers is a thing that needs to be strangled in the cradle.


Also rectangular ones.


Well the tone and look fit, and the music nails what this should sound like. Lets see, hope its good.


So edgy!


I, for one, prefer my trailers to be non-Euclidean.


I like my trailers nested like russian dolls. You think you’re watching a trailer for Blade Runner, and it’s Deckar watching a holodeck. The camera zooms in, and you see it’s a release hype video from Grimoire, which ends with a teaser for the expected release date “coming soon!”.


I dont think Han Solo is the same as he used to be anymore… even as Indiana Jones… hes lost his acting, gotta pay the bills. Plus I’m tired of the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars. hes overrated. and gosling will always be the guy from the notebook, the kooky romantic dude who i want to punch in the face.


Would have posted the gif itself, but for some reason the captions get clipped even though it shows up just fine in the post preview.


Tom Hardy > Ryan Gosling.


And again with Sound-o-Vision.


Another trailer’s dropped. Just a few weeks left!


Heh heh.


Clocking in at 163 minutes, Blade Runner’s going to be the longest blockbuster of the year.

Some new press featuring the filmmakers discussing the sequel and showing off the production design:


I’m going to predict 63% on RT. Would like to be wrong, but…


So y’know the ridiculous teal-and-orange thing movie posters have been doing for a few years? That fad is on its way out by now, right? Nope, DOUBLE DOWN.


They should have enhanced Harrison Ford’s chest to balance the image.


Wait Ford is in this? As old Deckard (who switched off his genetic clock?)? I presume he is going to get killed off like in Star Wars.


Wow. Just… wow.


The only correct response was “[trailer bass drop sound effect]”.