Blake's 7 ride again


Check the date. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Not that I wouldn’t love to see a really good return of Blake’s 7 - I’m a huge fan of the original, in all its economy-lightbulb-on-a-stick-gun majesty, and the lines and characters were classic. If it were good enough, I may even be persuaded to forget the fact that Darrow appeared in a Channel 5 sci-fi marathon to do the ‘Avon Calling!’ joke.

and The Liberator is one of the coolest-looking spaceships ever, even if it did look like it was always flying in reverse. I’d love to see a pimped-out modern-day CGI version of that bad boy.

If they do go ahead, they’d better use it - and not Tarrant’s floating space-coffin.