Blaseball, *the* Fantasy baseball simulator, emphasis on the Fantasy

Until they make the baseball equivalent of Blood Bowl, Blaseball’s as close as you can get. I mean, there’s no limit to how you picture the players.

Upon obtaining 87 fingers, Patterson developed the ability to apply four-dimensional spin to the ball.

You can’t convince me Blaseball wasn’t invented by Jon Bois.

Right? I was hoping for the baseball equivalent of BloodBowl here. Weak sauce.

As I reply to this, your avatar is next to the thread, and I am convinced they misspelled “blearnsball”

Blaseball is fine - I was a Moist Talker for a couple very early seasons - but I didn’t find enough to it to hold my attention.

There wasn’t enough interaction/impact on the performance of the team and while games were being played chat moved too fast to meaningfully interact with the other viewers.

I’ve been waiting a decade for someone to turn his endurance football into a game. His subsequent multimedia projects make said game’s non-existence hurt all the more.

This sums up my feelings toward it. I do enjoy reading about the various happenings (when they happen), but the game itself is very meh.

Now see, I’d be all over that. For the uninitiated:

That was amazing. I really should watch more Futurama.

That reminded me of this:

This just happened to me, and I blame geggis, for posting in here - i’d have never thought he would have posted in a standard fantasy Baseball thread.

Neither would I! Any baseball thread for that matter!

I got sucked into Blaseball after hearing the saga of Jaylen Hotdogfingers recounted on the Giant Bomb GOTY deliberations. And I’ve now managed to spread it on to three of my coworkers. One of them supports the Mexico City Wild Wings, and it was a lot of fun texting back and forth during their championship run against the Canada Moist Talkers this weekend.

And so far, my Seattle Garages seem to be emulating the experience of being a Mariners fan.

Thinking of your wizard ace, whose heater is a fireball.

Crabs fan here.

I mean, there is necromancy, incinerations, a shadow realm, and vengeful elder peanut gods. Then again, I don’t follow regular baseball too closely so I can’t say for sure they’re not just regular fixtures in the sport.

I started in Season 15 after hearing about Blaseball on the Effectively Wild podcast. I picked Seattle knowing nothing about the Garages but figured they could not be worse than the actual Mariners.

They are so much worse. It is going to take a decade of Party Time to get back to par.

I love Blaseball for stuff like this:

Note The Steakhouse, in the second column. Home of the Dallas Steaks and the following fanart.

I dunno, as I age I appreciate more whimsy. Blaseball!

I love reading about this; thanks to those posting :)

Armando, this one is for you.

I got hit by this too this season. But I greatly enjoyed the responses from the anarcho-communitarian crowd.

Ahahahaha, that is amazing

There is an oft-told story of Ronald Reagan doing play-by-play on the radio for games that he didn’t even attend, but read off a ticker.

I was reminded of this when I read the following piece.

Clembons stares down Rat Batson from the mound, instilling their dominance over the Tacos’ embattled hitter. The pitch comes, a fastball over the heart of the plate. Rat Batson has been in this situation before. More often than not, be it through fear and trepidation, or be it through lack of reaction and reflexes, the pitch is in the catcher’s mitt before Batson has even had time to think.

Yes, shades of the most florid sports writing this side of Grantland Rice. But this is a game where the explicit outputs are “0-1, strike looking.” I still stand by Blaseball = community art project.

Oh boy. Tarot cards and ominous messages cycling now.