Blatantly stolen links (because stats are scary)

PS2 Down:

Xbox up:

Interesting. Could it be a trend or is it a market adjustment? This holiday season might be a harbinger for the next generation of consoles.

That’s some wild extrapolation there, DaveC. Home and Entertainment still lost a pile of money for Microsoft. They’re up to like 1.8 billion in losses on Xbox.

PS2 sales are slowing because they’re hitting the saturation point at $199.99. They’re also realizing less revenue from Sony published games because they went to the $39.99 MSRP on all new Sony published games but haven’t seen significant sales increases to go along with the lowered price.


I’ve said before we are looking at a repeat of the 16 bit generation. (at least in the US) The genesis came out first and quickly became the dominate console. When the SNES launched it was lackluster and was quite the shelf warmer its first year. However the Genesis ran out of stam and gamers looking for something new went to the SNES. Buy the end of the generation, the SNES and Genesis were about tied in units soled and titles delivered.
The ps2 is losing steam fast and the Xbox is ther to take up the slack.

That’s why I posed the question, blip or trend.

Isn’t Sony getting screwed by the currency exchange, like Nintendo?

“The ps2 is losing steam fast and the Xbox is ther to take up the slack.”

The Xbox will bever come close to the sales of the PS2, even just using US numbers. The PS2 is way to far ahead.

But again you put it under a misleading thread title. Or at least one that indicates your thinking.


But again you put it under a misleading thread title. Or at least one that indicates your thinking.[/quote]

What are you smoking? The title is “Blatantly stolen stats”. Pay attention in class or you’ll have to stay after.

I tend to think you’re right, but I’ve also learned to bever say bever when it comes to MS.

I tend to think you’re right, but I’ve also learned to bever say bever when it comes to MS.[/quote]

According to the article the PS2 has shipped 60M units, and that represents three times what the Xbox and GC combined have shipped. Split it down the middle and the Xbox and GC are each about 50M units behind the PS2. The PS3 is going to launch in the 2005-06 timeframe. The other consoles have 2+ years to outsell the PS2 by 50M units to catch up. I doubt that’s going to happen.

I tend to think you’re right, but I’ve also learned to bever say bever when it comes to MS.[/quote]

I don’t either. The real “war” is going too come when these guys all ship their next systems(supposedly all around the same time).

On top of that, Nintendo has reclaimed the sales lead in the US thanks to the price drop. If anyone has a chance of reaping some rewards from Sony’s sales slowdown, it’s Nintendo because of the huge price difference between a Gamecube and an Xbox. Many low income families can now afford a current generation games system when they probably didn’t want to make the $200+ investment before.

As for Bub’s thread title comment, I think he was referring to your extrapolation that this could actually mean something in the next generation, which is really wishful thinking IMO.

I don’t agree at all with Merritt’s assessment of this being like the 16-bit generation. Back then a couple million consoles sold was a lot of systems. Sega never really had that big a headstart on Nintendo and SNES only outsold the Genesis because Nintendo didn’t move on to the next generation as early as Sega did (effectively killing their Genesis business). It’s nothing like what’s happening here. As Mark notes, Sony has sold five times as many consoles as each of the competitors and three times their sales combined. There is NO WAY either of them will match Sony or come close. For that to happen people would have to stop buying PS2 altogether tomorrow. You really think it won’t see a massive sales jump with a price drop to $150 or even crazier…$99.99?

Actually, I’m afraid that all three companies launching at the same time for the next generation will hurt gaming more than help. It could create consumer confusion like we’ve never seen before causing a lot of consumer apathy at launch for fear of buying the “wrong” system. That’s scary and with the deluge of software we get these days there could be a major crash waiting for us when that time comes. If one of them blinks and delays a year, they might end up better off than they would be if they release the same day as their competitors, especially if the systems turn out to be very similar in function (which I kind of doubt).


Yes there is no way anyone is going to beat the PS2 world wide. Its over in Japan. However just focusing on the largest market (and the market that most of us live in) North America, the PS2 has sold around 20 million units and the Xbox has sold around 7 million. Its not an unbreachable gap.

I disagree with DaveC’s thread title bcause I don’t think the 20% rise in Xbox sales directly correlates to the 25% fall in PS2 sales. I think the people buying Xboxes are people who already have a PS2, not people who don’t have a current generation console who would have otherwise bought a PS2.

Sony Sales Drop: Saturation
MS Sales Increase: PS2 owners looking for a second console

Not exactly “blatant” and not exactly “stolen stats” either. It just looks that way superficially.

I thought the “blatantly stolen” part referred to him taking them from, and not having generated them on his own.

Then he should called it “Blatantly Stolen Links” because he didn’t post any stats Supertanker.

Couldn’t it just be all those people who own PS2s are starting to look for a second system?

That’s my theory anyway.

Umm, they are sales stats are they not? Are we going to play the “Semantics” game?

If you want. I said you named the thread poorly and you asked me what I was smoking and mumbled something about spanking me after school or something. My point was, like usual, your thread title indicates which way you were thinking. Truth is, there’s nothing “blatant” or “stolen” about those “links to sales stats” you put in your post.