Bleep Qualcomm right in their Qualcomm-hole


Yes, the CPU and SoC is of no importance whatsoever in a handheld computer. It’s about the feel, the aroma… the taste. Anyway, 640kb should be enough for anyone, right? Right?

They are not meaningfully cheaper relative to performance. If you give zero shits about performance, yeah, you can buy all kinds of crappy Android devices for sure.

And this is doubly true if you factor in resale value, I just got $400 for a used 128GB iPhone 7 plus from a generic Amazon buy-back. I doubt anyone in the history of smartphones has ever gotten that much for a used Android anything.

No, it wasn’t. Why don’t you go play some pinball; that’s something you’re actually good at!


In which @wumpus is incapable of admitting he is wrong, part the 97th…


On the other hand Qualcomm doesn’t care about you. Their behavior implies that they know exactly what they are doing. They act as if the investment needed to beat Apple at the chip game wouldn’t be a good investment and I’m inclined to think they are right. “Now as fast as an iPhone in a measure that many of you will never notice!” is not a marketing strategy that succeeds.


Wrong about what? That relative to performance, your Android device would need to cost about 1/3rd of an iPhone to scale performance per $ appropriately?

The point is that the Apple cost premium is justified, and then some. If you could get a Qualcomm device that offered 80% of iPhone 8 perf (Hell, 80% of iPhone 7 perf even) for 2/3ds the price that’d be fantastic.

But it’s more like 1/4th the performance for 80% of the price. If even that.


You left out the part about being a condescending asshole.

My favorite part was when he hand waived away the fact that the iPhone display is inferior by declaring it good enough for him while trying to hold that a cpu can’t be good enough for someone else.


Nope I cited facts. Here’s some links; feel free to visit them and brush up on the data if it’s not clear to you.

Since you seem to have missed the quote, I’ll print it again for you:

iPhone 7 Display has Top Performance Across the Board

As we list in detail in the Lab Measurements Comparison Table section below, the iPhone 7 delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier display performance: one of a small number of displays to ever to get all Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in all test and measurement categories (except for Brightness variation with Viewing Angle, which is the case for all LCDs) since we started the Display Technology Shoot-Out article Series in 2006, an impressive achievement for a display.

Note “lab measurements” not “some dude on a forum’s Mark I eyeball”

I mean, I’m sure @thraeg is a board certified optometrist so his eye tech is very very good. But I’ll take data over one person’s eyes all day, every day.


For you.

Your priorities in a phone are not my priorities in a phone. My Nexus 5X has worse single-thread performance than an Apple device of equivalent role, configuration, and era… and I don’t care. It’s perfectly functional, I’ve never been annoyed with how slow my phone is, and it lets me do things that an iPhone doesn’t.

It’s getting more into opinion, but I would argue that, if you asked one hundred iPhone users why they bought the iPhone over an Android flagship phone, maybe five of them would say, “Because the processor performs better in real-world use cases.” Five’s probably too generous, even.

I like how you went back and edited an insult into your post. (I watched it happen in real time. Nifty feature, Discourse.) Classy.


“I bought the fastest phone in the world”. I mean shit it’s not even close and it hasn’t been for more than 2 years. Now they’re pulling away so far that it’s getting ridiculous.

Because nobody ever buys sports cars, right? Not according to you, anyway.


You guys should give up. I’m not going to stop until I’m covered in the blood of everyone who works at Qualcomm.

And I ain’t even sorry.


They do, and then they try and brag about their car to Prius owners and we think that they are assholes.


Yeah, but if you could pay 2x as much for a car that goes 3x as fast – I mean, literally 300 mph or something ridiculous like that – it’s no longer wankery but an actual met need. If you have the need… the need… for speed.


Yeah, and a 720p plasma tv has outstanding color range too.

Galaxy S8 is the first in a new generation of OLED Smartphones that have a Full Screen Display design. It is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever lab tested, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade.

It’s silly to pretend Display Mate considers those displays equivalent


It was Note 5 vs. iPhone 6s. Unfortunately the displaymate site only had iPhone 6 and 7, so I cited the 7 results.

I’m not disputing that the latest OLED screens are pretty damn good, and I am a huge fan of OLED, but we were talking about the 2015 era Note 5.


Your analogy is perfect. No one goes 300 mph unless they go out on a track. The speed limits are 45-70mph and Priii (?) can do that just fine.


Wumpus views phones as literally nothing more than a javascript execution machine.

I mean really, that’s what this all comes down to.


In the long term, everything will be JavaScript. It’s already happening.


Unsurprisingly tasteless considering the current climate of mass shootings.






I’d say you are rounding those figures in your favor but it’s not important because even what you are calling 1/4 performance is more than enough for my current and visible future needs. Sure an iPhone is a better performance per $ but if I have no need for that performance it is silly to pay anything extra for it.

You, the software developers, need to create something that is so clearly better that consumers will care that they can’t run it on a Qualcomm chipped phone. 640kb was enough for consumers until there were programs that people cared about that couldn’t run.