Blind people vs Hybrids

If this doesn’t show up on Colbert in some form or other I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

Yeah, when I got mine one of the things the sales guy did was go over “things you need to know about hybrids” and made sure I knew to be extra careful in parking lots because the car was so quiet.

We need immediate legislation to force all hybrid cars to emit some kind of audible identifier. I vote for the Mr. Softie Ice Cream truck music just so I can see the dejected faces of the kids in my neighborhood when hybrid owners arrive home from work every day during the summer.

Already on the market:


Wouldn’t exactly work with a Hybrid I don’t think, as when it’s running silent it’s on electriciy.

I was expecting blind people fighting System Shock 2 hybrids. I would have bought season tickets to that.

Well since the problems rest with the blind people I think it is they that should be required to have some sort of audible identifier. Like a quanitity of small bells attached to their clothes and canes, that would alert people to that there are blind people prowling around.

Maybe head-mounted light bars to alert oncoming traffic.

Ok I’m bad. I laughed.

Strobe light helmets. Then they’ll be a danger to epileptics, and society will crumble in the vicious circle of everyone trying to make at least one other group conform to their needs.

That article is rendered in a font so small it hurts my eyes.

Firefox & CTRL+ are your friends.

Oh, yes, I know. Just commenting on the irony.

Just turn one of the speakers so it faces out. Blind people will learn to run when they hear Ira Glass, problem solved.

I wasn’t talking about the whistle-tips, I was suggesting that you take Bubb Rub along with you wherever you went. Sheesh.


My wife is blind, and this is a significant fear for her. And it’s not like she’s a wimp; she rode the MBTA solo in Boston every day for years while going to college.

Your flesh betrays you.

  • Alan

Blind people are also after Target.

Is it me or is that just completely fucking ridiculous?

It’s just you. We have laws governing web site accessibility to the disabled. Don’t you think the blind of all people would like to be able to shop online rather than brave parking lots full of silent death machines?

How does one make a website accessible to the blind, exactly?

I can think of a few ways, all of which would be prohibitively expensive.