'Bling-Bling' Makes New Oxford Dictionary

The title of the thread speaks for itself. Any nonsensical, made up word will eventually be proper grammar if said by enough people.

Next up:


Don’t forget ‘Axe’

Oh, wait.

And the letter “r” can now be pronounced “ar-uh”.



“This,” the judge said, “led to the faintly surreal experience of three gentlemen in horsehair wigs examining the meaning of such phrases as ‘mish mish man’ and ‘shizzle my nizzle’.”

hell, i couldn’t understand any of that myself. honestly i don’t think anyone in that culture does either. people just make up wierd shit and attach a meaning to it, and everyone just goes along with it and figures it out by the context because they are afraid to look like they are out of the loop.

I almost hate to point out that that’s pretty much how ALL words are created :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well then, I guess this article is out of date.

No, it’s just that Morgan Liu is an idiot. And a bad writer.