Anyone playing it? How is it?

RON just had too much for me to care to play it, I don’t need a game that keeps reminding me I haven’t gone to the library lately. Blitzkrieg looks like a better balance for what I like.


What, you don’t enjoy games with sixteen different resources? Communist.

Blitzkrieg is as much as a reminder on your lack of bookishness as RoN, except it focuses entirely on WW2. Very authentic, detailed, and enjoyable for grognards like moi, but less fun for others because of a frustrating interface/control scheme.

I know Chet hates AVault-length reviews, but for the rest of you I’m going to link my site’s review of Blitzkrieg:

Reletedly, I’m torn between Blitzkrieg and WW II: Frontline Command. Which of the two is the best product? thanks…O.R.

Do you have to micromanage each idiot unit, or do they stay in formation and act intelligently?

You have to micro your snipers (way too important in this game), but your tank squads and infantry and such tend to move coherently.

I dunno; I like the game. It’s gorgeous, has enough of an authentic WWII feeling to let me get over the gamey-ness of it all, and is better, in my opinion, than WWII:FC.

Blitzkrieg > WW2: FC

Ok, I’ll check it out. I’m just royally pissed after futzing with the horrid RoN group AI.

WW2:FC is pretty dismal, IMO. I played around with it for a while last night and it has very little resemblance to WW2.

The high water mark for the genre is still Close Combat or Combat Mission, depending on whether you consider Combat Mission to be in the genre or not. :-)