Blizzard Account Support

Anyone here have much experience with Blizzard support for accounts? I hadn’t used my account in a year or more, so when I tried to log on recently to sign up for the Hearthstone beta, I was told I was locked out because of unusual activity.

I figured no problem, just go through password reset. The password reset required answering a security question which I KNOW the answer to, yet the system tells me I’m wrong. So…

I submitted a trouble ticket which included my full name, email address, and a photo of a picture ID. I received an email the next day saying the trouble ticket was closed because these needed my full name, email address, and a photo of a picture ID (?!). There is a link to respond to the ticket, but won’t allow a response without first logging in. So…

I tried their phone support, but every time I call, there is a message saying their phone queue is full and try the web site. Click. This has been for several days.

This is pretty close to the worse customer support I have had from a software company, and I never would have expected it from Blizzard. I ditched my original game discs a long time ago, as they were all converted to the cloud through my account at, and right now I have no idea how to ever access them again.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Blizz support. Mostly I call them at off hours and avoid most of the queue times. Evenings are pretty much a lost cause.

I’ve never needed help with an account reactivation or suspicious activity flag, though. Not sure how that one rolls.

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Blizzard’s support is okay insofar as it’s marginally better than Steam’s and significantly better than Google’s, which puts it somewhere south of “Best Buy” and credit card companies in terms of actual service-quality.

The online support may be holding you in a catch-22 (please log in to discuss why your account has been locked), but this phone support trouble may simply be because 90% of their support department is enjoying the holidays with their family, while their customer base is overloading the call system because they have more time to play games and encounter trouble during the holidays. Your luck might improve next week.

I hope you get things sorted out.

They might also be unusually busy right now because a new malware attack has resulted in a vulnerability for some accounts with authenticators.

My original collector’s edition account is forever closed because of a similar incident, and Blizzard was enormously unhelpful, to the point where I think it’s been my single worst customer service experience in over two decades as a consumer and I have had to deal with UPS, Fedex, and Qwest repeatedly. (They did not ask for any corroborating details to support my contention that I had not played in a year and whoever had committed whatever offense it was was not me or provided access by me, refused to discuss any details about why the account was banned or what they had done to investigate it or make any related decisions or any useful information whatsoever, and repeatedly reaffirmed that they were unwilling to do anything about it.) I don’t know if accounts now work the same way as WoW accounts back in 2005 or so (probably not), but if they do you won’t be able to reach anyone that can help you by phone as that is the Account Admin department and they only communicate(d) by email.

The thing that sucks about blizzard support is that their support is based around your account.

If your account is in good standing, you’re probably good, but if you go back to wow after years to find your account compromised, you’re fucked. You even have to create a junk account just to get in contact with customer support and then you can’t get support about your real account because they can’t talk to a different account about it.

Since i was going back to the game with a revival scroll from a friend in order to play panda on a character i hadn’t played since original wow, i just ended up eating it and starting a new account, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I finally made it through to phone support. The CSR recovered my account but told me there were no games on the account. After about 20 minutes of arguing with him and going back and forth, I began digging through my old game keys. He told me they would not be able to help me because they were in “older 16 digit or less formats”. Luckily I had ONE game (Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne) which had a game key in a longer format. With that he was able to magically find all my games and link them back to my account.

This is a dickheaded process which I’m convinced is designed to make people with problems give up so Blizzard can maintain a minimal staff. I’ve had better support from rebate call centers.

Heh, welcome to the gaming industry where customer service is an afterthought if it is offered at all. Really though, if I have to contact csr at any of these companies, I know I am screwed. They seem to think everyone should just create new accounts and not bother them.

Well sure. You’ve only got a license to play their internet-requiring microtransaction engine when it’s not down for maintenance, broken by a graphics driver update, or being taken down permanently 6 months after release. I mean, I get that you paid $80AU for it, but c’mon, how valuable is such a license anyway? Just get another, jeeeeeeze.

I’ve never had an issue with them.

You know how only bad experiences are normally discussed or posted? Positive ones generally get lost in the noise, since, well, all is good. Well, I recently, had a live chat session with a Blizzard rep who unlocked my main account after it was locked for suspicious activity. No, Chinese hackers didn’t try to breach the account. It was their automatic security system that kicked in a while back (several months) and locked the account. Didn’t like a log-in attempt from a slightly different IP. I tried using the password reset feature, for which I got an email notification those many months back, but it wants the email (which I have) and two names. They must all match. Damned if I knew what I used. No, using all the typical names including my real one didn’t match. I created a new account so I could log in to the chat session, and within minutes, the issue was resolved. As such, my one contact with Blizzard is a positive one.

I will also start using the Android authenticator app. Speaking of which, is there a direct link to the .apk file anywhere? (How big is it?) Is it the case that it can only be installed directly from Google Play? The authenticator will also work with logging into website, right? Or is it only for some games, like WoW and Diablo III?

The authenticator prompt will occur any time you access your account, including for any of their current games and on the website. You can set it not to bug you for a while if you’re connecting from the same computer. Personally I’ve been leery of the phone authenticator because each copy of the app is its own seed and there’s a risk that you’ll need to uninstall or wipe your phone for whatever reason, thus essentially locking yourself out forever. (Probably support would be willing to help - I know I was able to get some other company to help me out with a different phone authenticator, I think SOE, but still.) And the physical keychain authenticator has been good to me. (Also, trivial, but it generates six digit codes and the phone app does eight, which is slightly less convenient.)

The Android app does have a reset, or recovery code that is unique and you can write it down and use it to restore the unique “seed”. So when I’ve changed phones I just reinstall the app and use that code and I’m back in business.

My WoW account was hacked a year or two ago and I had a great experience with Blizzard CS. I contacted them via chat and they restored my account and all was good. I believe it took all of 15-20 minutes.

I’ve also contacted GMs in-game for reasons I now cannot remember, and while I didn’t get a response right away all the time, I do believe I got a response within an hour or so after petitioning.

You can also (at least with iOS) sync the seed for multiple devices. So my iPad and iPhone copies of the app both give the same codes. If I accidentally wiped one (and I didn’t have cloud access to get the info I need to re-install/see the app), I’d be able to use the other until I got things fixed.

I had to have my account restored to try Reaper of Souls. I bought it two years ago and they locked it when some gold farmers somehow got into my account, but I had quit playing for months, and I assumed that the emails saying they were from Blizzard were a phishing attempt so I ignored them. They fixed it in all of ten minutes, but there was an uncomfortable part where I came off like a total manwhore for three minutes trying to guess the answer of, “Who is the second person you kissed?” before the service representative realized that I quit playing before the secret questions were implemented, and it was actually the second person the hacker had kissed. It was me just saying, “uh…Robin? Well there was an Evelynn but I think her real name was Amelia and I am pretty sure I…ok, not those, well there was Vicki but I don’t know if I would count that… Can you give me a last name? I’m sorry, I went a little crazy that summer. I should apologize to those girls.”

I’m not going to apologize to those girls. I should apologize to those girls. I’m not. Should I? What I should do is start dressing more like George Michael. No, now that’s something I shouldn’t do. Well actually it’s not like someone is paying me not to wear an earring and have a five o’clock shadow. No, I’ll just look like Don Johnson. In a bad way.

Yeah, I have it set up on my tablet also. Very handy.

What happens if they keychain one runs out of battery one day?
Can I replace it myself?
I often wonder since my authenticator runs for a couple of years now and often it’s not used for months.

Concerning Blizzard support:
I had a very positive experience when someone hacked into my account in Burning Crusade due to my fault (keylogger with a No-DVD crack due an original retail copy not working).
They didn’t give me the feeling that I was an idiot (I think they were impressed by me being honest and humble) and restored everything but enchants on my gear which they explained was not possible due to database constraints.
I hoarded tons of old epic gear that reminded me of my raiding days in vanilla. I got all back.
I think some crafting materials / potions might have be missing but nothing essential.
After that I got an authenticator (shipped from the US), installed an anti-virus program and since then my account is secure.

The other experience was way back in vanilla when our tank disconnected when we were at Darkmaster in Scholomance (end boss).
Back then 5 man pickup Scholo was a nightmare and took HOURS. However only in 5 man quests could be completed and there were some sweet quest rewards there back then.
When we finally reached him our tank was unable to join again (constant disconnects), contacted a GM and then that guy decided to play the tank (druid in bear) for us!
It was tough as the GM had no idea how to tank as a druid but we somehow managed to kill Darkmaster and complete the huge quest chain! :)