Blizzard Banning Singleplayer Cheaters

They have use rights when you agree to give them use rights, which is what you agree to when you install the game.

I line item veto use rights before I and the computer come to an agreement on them and I proceed to install.

So there’s no way to mod the single player campaign without risking getting your account banned, or there is some kind of completely offline mode?

I’m not sure I follow… you can cheat with the cheat codes, but you can’t use a trainer?

If you cheat with the official cheat codes you don’t get achivements. If you cheat with a trainer you do get them.

Blizzard doesn’t care if you “cheat”, they gave you the option to cheat right inside the game. They just don’t want you to cheat while also gaining achivements.

It isn’t that hard to follow, is it?

So the only thing at stake here really is the achievements? You can cheat and see the cutscenes and play with the units or whatever it is you want, in a Blizzard-sanctioned cheat mode, and just earn no achievements? If that’s correct, then these people really are just trying to pump up their online stats.

Then enlighten us. What are we missing that makes this a good move? I’m not saying that they should allow cheating on multiplayer or even allow cheaters to keep or obtain achievements. More of what I am concerned with is things like total conversion mods and things that let you for instance make classic Starcraft Protoss units during the protoss portion of the campaign or a mod that gives you Raynor and Tychus on every mission it would make sense to have them getting you banned or suspended from playing your game. (runon sentance for the win)

This isn’t legal here and I’m glad it is so.
When I buy something it’s mine to modify as I please. Throw them off - but make sure they can play single player without - that’s fine, but this isn’t.

That’s all covered by mods, isn’t it?

So if Blizzard doesn’t provide a command I want, to cheat how they want, I can’t do it…on a game I’m playing single player by myself…

I think I’m seeing, I’m just not following. Eff achivements. If Dragon Age, for instance, had this sort of policy, I wouldn’t have played it almost all the way through a second and third time.

I don’t like it. Single player is just that, single player. I should be able to do whatever want, run whatever mods I want, play however I want to play. Blizzard decided to temp ban people because they are playing their own way on their own time? That’s pretty dumb.

SC2 has built in support for mods. A mod is different from a trainer.

It’s not inherent in the law here. However if you agree to a contract that has gives the company use rights, then it’s legal. Are you saying that people who play Wow in Denmark don’t sign a Terms of Use and if they do, it’s automatically not enforceable? There is no way Blizzard is going to allow people to play their game without them agreeing to a legally binding Terms of Use. Otherwise everyone would be cheating and that would destroy the game.

Very true, and thanks for just picking that part of my post and ignoring the rest. ;P

Whatever it is, a mod, a trainer, a hex editor, a swift kick to the PC, I should be able to do it with my single player game. Plain and simple.

People are so easily manipulated these days. A few pointers for people who are out of touch.

  1. There are existing cheat codes.
  2. You can play the game in guest mode with trainer.
  3. You can open any campaign map in the editor, make the marines shoot hotdogs while riding unicorn, and not a single frog would be given.

So, what is the deal with this?

  1. Site sells trainers with a $30/year subscription.
  2. People abuse it to cheat online achievements and get banned.
  3. Site lost its hottest product.
  4. Site whines like a site that sells trainers would do.

What’s up with the achievement you may ask?

  1. Unlock portrait that is shown in lobby, forum.
  2. Each has an universal score.

So when someone cheats to get the achievement, they are doing it at the expense of other players’ enjoyment. With the integrity of the system polluted, the sense of accompliment(however little it is) diminishes too.

So it actually happened. Achievements are now more important than the game.

May gamers rot in hell.

Been this way for a while now, I think. You see it a lot on XBL, where people say things like, “I hate this game… I’m only still playing it to get all the achievements.”

It’s always baffled me why someone would engage in something they don’t enjoy, for imaginary trophies.

The idea of cheating to get imaginary trophies also baffles me.

If achievements are irrelevant, then they can use the in-game cheat code, can’t they? The available cheat codes are pretty extensive. And if that still doesn’t satisfy them, they can literally do anything with the editor.

How so?

Of course they would let people sign something that wasn’t legally enforceable - they’d have to try it in court before they knew if it was.

We click the same EULA’s as the rest of you, but whether they are enforceable hasn’t been tested - it also depends on what’s in them. Consumer protection is very strong here, and while they can make all sorts of rules regarding a service like online multiplayer (especially one located in another land) they’d have a hard time enforcing something that took away your rights as a customer to use something you bought and own anyway you saw fit.

And I hope your last sentence only refers to multiplayer. Nothing is destroyed by people cheating their way to fucking virtual merit badges and the definition of cheating isn’t that clear cut.
It’s like making it illegal for people jogging for fun to take a shortcut.

To clarify: I don’t see this ever getting tried in court if some Dane does end up banned. If he was aware of his rights, he’d probably just go to the store for a refund and end up getting it. If not it would be handled by a consumer complains board and not court and I’m sure the ruling would be that taking away achievements and even banning access to all online MP features was a fair punishment but all solo play should be available or the price of the game refunded.

In the same way that Zynga is making money.