Blizzard bans Hearthstone player, casters for HK Support

Yup, China makes this a ZERO SUM game!

Either kowtow to censorship and curtail free speech against China, or lose access to the China market.

The NBA, (and definitely South Park) are basically the only/first challengers to this. NBA did a half measure but didn’t outright apologize. (NBA broadcasts cancelled) People can express themselves freely. South Park went all-in Fuck China. (All South Park episodes erased from the China Intranet)

Blizzard decided to keep sucking China’s big dick. (pardon my French)

Hey! We east asians are well known for having small… (self-deprecating joke)

but… scarlet monastery …

The desirability of basic political rights is now ‘incredibly nuanced’ and ‘requires deep understanding’. This whole thing has just driven home to me how amoral most companies are, and how quick they would jump onto any bandwagon that railroads all that I care about and hold dear if it means a buck.

Yes the company that allows racist names if you replace I’s with 1’s and E’s with 3’s is very concerned about nuance.

Screw those guys. All those capitalist zealot paladins can die by my blade. Free the non-humans!

Yeah so in case I haven’t explicitly said it*, riot, too, can go fuck themselves.

*or said it, explicitly

Better sell all your Van’s shoes.

Also, Nike:

Also, all these brands:

It’s gonna get pretty hard to find things to wear on our feet.

Fuck. Vans are my go-to shoe brand.

Y’know, this whole ethical consumerism thing is really just impossible. //runs off to Scarlet Monastery

This list seems suspect:

So Amazon didn’t apologize, didn’t remove the merchandise but they gave ChinaNews a spiel about respecting local laws and ideas… and that keeps them on the list.

So what exactly are we asking non-China based companies to do. If they’re going to sell there they have to accommodate some stuff, locally, it’s when they spread that demand everywhere else that’s the issue… right?

The same would go for Blizzard and other gaming companies. We expect some… compliance locally, but it’s in other regions, other international arenas, that should not have to obey these kinds of demands.

I don’t think those two things are equivalent. The Vans case affects people everywhere, where the Nike case only affects a Chinese storefront.

They pulled the branded products of an American company (Houston Rockets) from being sold in China. That sounds like censoring Americans in order to appease Chinese sensibilities.

I don’t think they’re equivalent. Conforming to local laws and political sensibilities isn’t a huge deal as long as it stays local to that jurisdiction. (You could find some extreme case where a company is collaborating with a murderous regime to refute my point, but that’s not what’s happening here.) Removing things from other jurisdictions to appease a country is a lot more of a problem.

Edit: I think I’m basically saying the same thing as @Nesrie. The problem isn’t what the companies are doing inside China, it’s that they’re applying their China policies globally.

OK. That seems like a pretty fine distinction. We’re OK with our multi-national corps censoring Americans as long as it only takes place inside China, but not in Chinese-held territories?

LOL, what a mess.

Well we can’t get Kind eggs with toys in them in the USA, the real ones not the goo stuff, but you can in the UK is that… censoring?

It’s not that we’re okay with it, but we don’t have global laws. Think of it less as it’s okay and more like, it’s not the same as China going to an international not in China event and demanding everyone under the sun comply with their views of Hong Kong. It’s just not… the same.


As in am I serious that we have a product that’s being sold in the UK but was deemed not safe in the USA, yes I am serious. They changed it so they could sell it here.

The point is, you can’t force national laws into other countries just because you want to. No matter how you dice it, China is not a democracy, so external businesses and anyone within their border are going to run into situations, scenarios and laws that are counter to what democratically based countries would expect. That’s just how it is. China, and companies like Blizzard, NBA and some on those list are crossing a line when they allow China to implement those demands globally just so they can access that market.

Kind egg changes are all about child endangerment. Obviously euro kids are smarter than US kids and don’t lodge toys sideways into their esophagus when it comes with candy. Or they have differing ideas about acceptable losses - statistics here would be interesting.

I only know this because my kid loves the US version, and I looked them up.

Actually, it was more because US companies where out poisoning kids. So, the rules are kind of extreme, and were never updated.

Yeah, US companies have always been kind of shitty.