Blizzard bans Hearthstone player, casters for HK Support

Ugh, it’s hard to see how I can keep paying for WoW if this is they way they want to act. Looks to me like they picked a side and it’s not mine.

can someone please move this thread to the political group forum

thank you

I am happy to defer to the mods, but Blizzard is a major business and cultural force in the games industry, and I think the forum is perfectly appropriate. I invite you to ignore it- and me- if you disagree.

Seems like it’s just fine where it is.

Nah. This is pertinent to gaming. It’s been a long time coming. The industry and gamers have been happy to use Chinese money to fund development, so the flip side is that companies have to side with China in political issues. You can’t disentangle that.

Agree is fine here for stated reasons.

Glad this got put up, as I don’t watch competitive play or streamers, but this reaction is of interest to me. Not good.

This is truly shameful.

Thing is, China isn’t messing around about the HK protests. You think Bobby K is gonna give up the second largest global market to support free speech? I don’t think Bobby K would give up twelve bucks for free speech.

P&R isn’t a quarantine for things that touch on anything political. It’s for political discussions that don’t pertain to games. This definitely pertains to games and gaming.

If the thread irks you when you see it, you can mute it via the “Tracking” button at the bottom of the thread (just in case you didn’t know it was there).

This topic is inherently political, but also gaming related, and more importantly doesn’t touch on controversial US politics so it’s unlikely to cause anyone to bleed from their eyes, nose, ears, and anus.

If real posters here are pro-Beijing on the matter, we can move it. Otherwise I expect everybody to condemn it and shake our heads in perfect symmetrical unison.

Do we get to be deeply concerned about this too? Hey look everybody, I’m a Senate Republican!

At the risk of touching off another sensitive topic on this forum… the concerns about Tencent’s minority stake in Epic seem a little more valid this morning.

You think their 5% share in ActiBlizzard lets them call the shots? Nah. This is just risk avoidance and cowardice.

I’ve been spreading this around as much as possible, and have gotten at least one influencer type to share it. If you have a platform, please consider taking a moment to share or tweet about this.

Holy crap, that South Park episode is brutal. And relevant. (It’s on Hulu)

No, but if pressed, I bet Epic doesn’t get to support HK protesters.

40% + 2/5 board positions is much more of an influence. Of course, given how craven western companies are, you can’t say if a strong minority stake is more powerful than just pure financial incentive, but my intuition is that it is more powerful at some level. A western company can be shamed into getting in line. Tencent doesn’t have that option – if the Chinese government tells them to do something, they must do it.

You bet wrong.

Just submitted my Delete Account request to Blizzard.

Looking forward to the Epic statement supporting HK then. Please bring it up with Tim. I’m looking forward to his tweet on the matter.

Good man.