Blizzard Fanboi dummy spit,99410,

So, many people online are complete tools? Check.

That’s amazing. Rabid fans eager for your next game is a problem many developers/publishers wish they had, but it’s still amazing. I can’t help thinking about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They should have hidden WoW beta keys in chocolate bars.

Blizzard should name their next game License to Print Money-Craft.

edit: Had to put in the -craft.

They should just start pre-banning all the rabid crazies IP’s. Obviously none of them will be any fun in-game, and it should get them even more upset (they’d also ofcourse need to ban them all from the forum.)

People should stop crawling into a computer for a life and go outside and look for one.

So forum members also play Blizzard games?

Oh … dear … god …

And people think the hardcore flightsim community are a bunch of crazies. :D

It really is truly sad to see peoples lives devolve into nothing more than an online existence.

Still, once it really set in for 99% of the people there that they did not get in, it started to get really crazy. People posting endless questions of “are you done sending the emails yet?”. People posting messages talking about how they were crying, and utterly devestated. People threating to KILL THEMSELVES because they did not get in. It was painful to watch, but I was watching closely because I got selected for a phase 2 beta spot, and had nothing better to do these last few days. So I’ve been observing the whole thing.

I’m totally dying here. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

The most ironic part is that 99% of these fucktards aren’t even interested in helping make the game better. They just want a chance to play it for free & before everyone else.

Meh. Saw this on usenet and it is amusing but hardly new. Forum posters on bnet have long been completely wacko. Of course when some idiot l33t d00d goes and offs himself his mommy will blame gaming and sue blizzard.

People threating to KILL THEMSELVES because they did not get in.

Well, that would certainly be worthy of a Darwin Award.

I gave up reading WOW forums about 2 days after I started. Maturity levels in the negative.

I’ve been voyeuristically reading the beta forum occasionally (the ones only beta testers can post in: ), and they seem about average as far as maturity goes. No bizarre rants so far, just the usual stuff. There’s even some pretty interesting critiques and suggested changes in there.

Great. Thanks for the update. I am guessing WOW wont be out until after E3.