Blizzard matching system needs serious work

So my son and I figure we will play a little WC3 and team up on Both of us are level 2 because of a single forfeit when one guy ended up timing out 2 minutes into the game so we are really level 1s for all intensive purposes. The next 3 games we face 5+ level people and obviously get our asses handed to us. This miracle system as wumpus likes to call it is complete bullshit. I can’t believe with a bazillion people playing warcraft 3 that it can’t manage to find us a pair of 2s or 3s or maybe 1s to play. It should at least say before it agrees to the game, “We can’t find you anyone remotely near your level for you to play, do you want to get your ass kicked? Click yes to continue, no to save yourself 20 minutes of humiliation.”

– Xaroc

As always, Gabe & Tycho sum it up perfectly:

It is very close to being a good system, but it has one fatal flaw: the owner of a single CD-key that has played 200 games can create as many level 1 accounts as he/she likes. It needs to match people by total number of games played WITH THAT CD-KEY, not by account level. Or at least let people choose to play against true level 1 (player with maybe 2 games online) versus “fake” level 1 (player with 200 games under his belt who just created a new account). I’ve played plenty of level 4 people who turned out to be insanely skilled players, clearly using alternate accounts.

Still, it’s the best auto-matching anyone has come up with, so it wins by default. That said, the level of skill you will see online is generally VERY high. Until you can beat the computer skirmish AI consistently, I don’t recommend playing online at all.

Here are some tips.

  1. always build 2 heroes. It definitely tips the scales in your favor.

  2. you should either be fighting “creeps” or your enemies 90% of the time, in order to level up your heroes. If you are sitting around doing nothing, that’s bad.

  3. never have money in the bank. Spend it as soon as it comes in, but have a plan of what you’re going to build. You may need to save up for certain things, but it’s rare. For example, I like to begin building the 2nd hero IMMEDIATELY following my town hall upgrade, so I need to make sure I have 500 gold and 100 wood on hand to do that. If you are at your food limit temporarily, then hit the upgrade shops so you’re spending that money instead of having it sit around generating “interest”.

Also I’ve generally gotten good matches, eg, comparable levels. Occasionally depending on how many people are playing, you will get some 4-5 level differences, but it’s generally rare.

Blizzard probably should have given people more control over this matching process in terms of how many levels “above” them they want to play-- you could always wait longer and hope a group of level 1 players enters the queue somewhere.

If the players were really level 5 people then they arn’t really higher level than you. Like wumpus said there are people who just create new account to screw with new players.

I will have to go work on beating skirmish on a consistant basis. I am no good at these types of games anyway. I should just stick to FPS, far easier to figure out what you are supposed to do even with goals, etc.

And sure it is a better matching system than nothing but I still think it ought to be able to find me someone who is level 2 to play even if they did make up a new account. I am so far from level 5 it isn’t funny even if that is just 5 wins. I can’t imagine how I would rack up 5 wins at this rate unless I get 4 more people to time out.

– Xaroc

Way to miss the point guys. :roll: