Blizzcon 2009: The Thread

I got back from registration a little while ago, and I’ll be there Friday and Saturday? Who else is going?

I’m also expecting a few big announcements Friday morning. Should be interesting to see what kind of reactions they get.

I ordered the streaming thingy.

I know Zabuni is there, he’s been updating his Twitter.

I’ll be there. Catch me at the Starcraft II area. I’ll be the one pwning noobs.

Got it, already got the in game pet. Seemed much more organized this year. Murky pet was as easy to get as the battle bots were.

I hope to get some nice pictures, but last year the lighting was horrible inside the convention center. Made getting pictures, especially on a cell phone, awful.

I got my pet as well. I was happy to see that it automatically carries over to all your characters – I think my previous Blizzcon pets were one-character only.

i’m up and ready for the lines… I packed a psp and ds since I know it be boring.

I’m there, via internet stream! ;)

I’d love to watch the stream, and wouldn’t even mind paying a reasonable fee for it, but $40? Seriously?! That’s insanity. You are paying as much as you’d pay for a full priced game to watch what is, essentially, an advertisement.

Aren’t all game cons basically, advertisements? People used to pay hundreds of dollars to go to E3.

I gave in and bought the stream. It does feel kind of steep, but at the same time it’s a tiny amount compared to what I’ve spent on WoW in total, for something that might just be a one-off to satisfy my curiosity.

Not gonna get much work done this afternoon…

Going to a convention /= watching a video stream from a convention. I watched live video from E3 this year, for instance. It cost me $0.

For what it’s worth, I think paying hundreds of dollars to go to E3 is sort of crazy, too. But at least in that case, you get to go to the convention, and play the games, and do fun stuff. With the Blizzcon stream, your $40 just gets you live access to video coverage that every game website is going to be offering up for free a few hours later, anyway. It’s crazy.

And the marine murloc.

I almost caved and bought the stream, mostly because my experience in the past is that finding decent, well shot coverage of the panels is impossible unless you really like ShakyCam shot from a bad angle and split up across multiple YouTube clips. I’m glad now that I didn’t, because I didn’t realize until someone posted the live stream schedule that it was only covering the main stage and tournaments (yes, despite the fact that it says Main Stage panels clearly on the purchase page). That means instead of getting to see all the panels, you’re getting a few of the panels from each of the three games (WoW, Diablo III, Starcraft 2).

And that’s just on a single days worth of food!

Monk is the new class for D3.

I’m getting a lot of brief buffering pauses even on the low quality stream, and it seems to be fairly widespread.

Edit: It’s cleared up now, but they dropped the audio at the start of the opening! Ah, there we go…

Just a few minutes until the opening ceremonies. Very exciting! I wish I could’ve gone this year, but the timing and cost just didn’t work out. Still, I have a co-worker who’s going and maybe I can grab his Murky the Marine code since he doesn’t play WoW…

New WoW expansion.

Reading the Kotaku liveblog at

So… expansion trailer is being played right now? Damn this text-based medium!

Booo, all the rumors are true about the expasion. How disappointing.

Edit: Lol heroic deadmines.