Blizzcon tickets on sale now

Well, technically. Looks like the site is getting hammered.

Anyway I’ll be there again this year. Any other QT3ers planning on it?

I be going, but the site is now down!!

oh well…

Keep trying I guess.

From the General Forum:

" *Update 11:15 AM PDT- Our Network Administrators are continuing to work on resolving the issue affecting Ticket sales and are making good progress. Please be aware that once sales are made available again, players may still experiences some issues due to the heavy volume of those attempting to access the system. We will be closely monitoring this once we reopen sales.

We are aware of issues currently affecting the sales of BlizzCon Tickets and the creation of Blizzard Store accounts. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and will be providing an update on when these sales will be available once more.

Please be aware that no tickets have been sold at this point in time and anyone that has received confirmation of a ticket purchase will need to go back through the process once the sales are available again.

Billing, Account Services, and the In-Game Support Department will be unable to provide assistance with ticket purchasing until this issue has been resolved.

We sincerely appreciate your patience."

I’m planning on going, but this ticket fiasco is making me reconsider it. I’d like to meet up with some of my old guildmates though…

So with all this talk about videogame journalism, why isn’t anyone bugging blizzard to see whats going on? There are hundreds of pages of angry posts showing up over this, over on the official wow forums people took the day off just to try and get tickets and are still out of luck.
The best I found was Joystiq livebloging the mess so I was able to keep an eye on their site to get an update of the situation every few hours.

About 9pm PST, and the site is still borked. This isn’t the first Blizzcon, what happened?

It’s just a technical issue. Nobody has to go Kotaku over it and blow it out of proportion.

Blizzcon tickets canned!

I’ll be there!

Tickets secured. (Joy that was fun!)

Now to find a hotel. Any suggestions?

Here’s the link to the site for those wondering:

And it looks like the site is down for the next day while they fix some things… maybe.

I stayed at the Sheraton Park Hotel last Blizzcon. No complaints. They were really accommodating when we got there a few hours before check in, room service was good, and you can see the fireworks at Disney every night if you get a balcony room. It’s walking distance - I think there are one or two hotels between the Sheraton and the convention center.

I have to ask, who takes the day off just to get tickets from an online source?

Given the demand, they may be sold out come the end of the day.

I think the explanation he’s looking for is, “Not everyone has computers with internet access at their job.”

I get that, but the whole day off? Seriously?

Tickets are supposed to be available at noon today.

I don’t keep up with blizzcon, and I’m not interested in going (maybe because I don’t know everything that goes on there). But don’t they usually stagger ticket sales? Like have 20% for sale day 1, then a week or two later they put another 20% up for grabs? etc

Blizzcon Party at Lorini’s Pad??

If you wanted to get your tickets yesterday then you needed the whole day off and a lot of persistence.