Blockbuster Vs Netflix

Anyone try the blockbuster program? I am checking it out and the 2 free in store rentals a month for games would be nice. I signed up and it seems all the movies have an availablity “Very Long Wait”. Anyone use it or have seen a review of it?



Does it come with Blockbuster’s trend-setting draconian late fee policy? I’d pass, purely on that.

They’re not “late fees”, they’re “extended viewing fees”.

Isn’t the whole point that you don’t have any late fees with programs like this?

Looking at the Blockbuster offering, the two in-store rental coupons per month look like a pretty impressive edge over Netflix, especially since you can use them for games.

It would be about the service and selection, though. If you can’t actually get the movies you want within a reasonable time, it hardly seems worth it.