Blogger picking on poor Derek

“One-Man Show: If you think that you have all of the good ideas in the world about your game, and you are the only one who can come up with those ideas and feel the need to generate ALL game design by yourself then you are doomed to fail. Maybe you are Derek Smart and you can come up with a bunch of inventive and fun stuff that works well together, but you are still Derek Smart and you are an abject jerk to work for and will get practically nothing from anyone who is taking your pearls of wisdom and turning them into reality for you.” – Chris Busse

Derek, are you taking somebody’s pearls of wisdom again? Jeez. Don’t you know about CONDOMS???



Busse was the top dog on NHL 2k3, the best hockey sim ever created. What did he do for/to High Chancellor of the Exchequer Smart?

I get the feeling the next post I read about Derek is going to be something along the lines of “Throw 'em in the lake and if he floats he’s a witch! BURN HIM!”

Crazy people will never learn. A buckle has no place on a hat.


I think you spelled that backwards.

I guess I could be remembering wrong but assuming that I’m not, Chris must be talking about a different fellow because Mr. Smart himself said in his last interview that he is super great person to work for!

Just to quote from my comment on his blog

I’ve never heard of this fucker before. And good thing too, because he’d be the first ass I’d ever fire from a project. Jackass. Nowadays every has-been, ass-been and wanker with access to a goddamn ISP and webpage (and a probably some command of the English language) thinks they’re the authority on some crap of the other.


Thats that I think. Wanker obviously has no idea what he’s talking about. Sure, call me an abject jerk, but I’m a gainfully employed abject jerk working with the same highly productive team of people since almost day one. :roll:

LOL @ the dino pics. But you guys are wasting your time. If this fool ever got the message, he’d just quit coming here. Then again, wishful thinking I suppose.