Blogging sites

Deja vu topic, heh? But I’m looking some more specific information. I own a website which I currently want to turn into a blog format mostly because I’ve decided that I don’t want to mess around with html and css any more. My requirements are:

  1. I need to keep my domain name.
  2. I need to keep several e-mail accounts based on that domain name.
  3. All updates should be blog-based with no fuss and blogging software should be preferably preinstalled.

I’ve noticed that allows you to use your domain name for a one-time fee, but doesn’t seem to host e-mail accounts with your own domain. Blogger allows you to use your own domain name as well but won’t act as your registrar and certainly won’t host e-mail accounts either. My current host is way too expensive for my limited purposes and doesn’t have blogging software preinstalled anyway.

Any suggestions people? - installs wordpress for you, $5 a month.

One time I forgot to update my billing information with poehosting when my debit card expired. My website vanished! So in like 5 minutes of getting onto the poehosting site and talking to someone over their little web-browser-instant-message thing, I had it cleared up and my website was back!

I was like “Wow, that was fast, thanks for getting me straightened out” and he was like “Tell your friends”, so now I am.

Maybe tons of hosting sites are that helpful, and it was admittedly a really trivial problem (I really thought I had already updated my billing information, so the fix basically involved him telling me politely “No, I really don’t think you did” and then pointing me at where to fix it), but good customer service is good customer service. So I like them.