Not sure if this is the right forum, but these seem like a form of misc. media.

Anyway, I’ve heard a few “hip” jokes referring to blogs and since I had no idea what these were. So anyway, I look a few up and while I’m not surprised by this use of the web, I still find it a little irritating.

Basically, it seems like a lot of them are grown up “Dear Diary” entries that should have stopped around the same time they should have outgrown those teen shows on the WB and FOX (and for the record, my girlfriend watches The OC, I just happen to be sitting next to her when it’s on dammit).

Here’s one that seems pretty popular on

Here’s the part where I selectively take quotes out of context to further my point…

So how’s this for a quintessential New York moment? It’s morning rush hour, and you’re running down the stairs to catch the subway, or would be if you weren’t, inevitably, stuck behind a fat woman with the gout who nevertheless would make an excellent addition to a football team’s defensive line. She steps into the nearest car just before the doors shut, then plants herself irrevocably in the middle of the doorway, even though the subway car is miraculously uncrowded, so that you have to ram her with your shoulder while being crushed between the closing doors in order to get in. And you’re so hyped up on adrenaline that it take you a couple minutes to realize just why the car is so blessedly empty – no air conditioning. It’s a fucking sauna. You are under the East River, at least tem minutes from the next subway stop, and within seconds you are absolutely drenched with sweat, so that you will inevitably look like a drowned rat when you get to work.

I love that shit.

That really is such a Quintessential New York Moment ™ that it’s actually more of a New York Cliche. Listen, while I’m all in favor of digital everything reaching the masses, I think we need to teach a real, discerning sense of responsibility to the next generation. Basically, we need to teach our children the difference between “I am a special little snowflake” and “I am a special little snowflake with some self-important snowflake observations that I just have to share with the entire world .” Digital video cameras get cheap, suddenly a zillion more people are working on “independent films.” I just wish more of them would pony up to the fact that they are making pornos without all the wavy lines you get when you edit VHS. The vast majority of the non-porno indies are going to suck badly. But that won’t stop them from dressing all in black and growing a soul patch and discussing how the message of their film is even more relevant now after (insert generic tragedy here).

I think we need to encourage our youth to genuinely develop something interesting to say, not just the means and desire to say it regardless of how trite it is.

And yes, I do appreciate the irony of this post. And no, I really do have something interesting to say, dammit!

There are still great blogs out there. Most of the better ones are gone, such as Notbencejon.

The Tard Blog is probably the funniest and saddest thing I have ever read. It’s about a teacherwho handles a class of special needs students.

I can’t believe what I see: Tyler is snorting Pixie Stick sugar.

He had opened up three little Pixie Sticks (which he knows he is not supposed to bring for snack), had lined up rails of sugar, and was using the paper pixie stick tube to snort the shit with!

I run over to him and snatch the pixie stick from his hand. He says “Hey, what do you think you are doing??” I told him we do not out things in our nose.

He said “I tried to tell you earlier, but you wouldn’t let me.”

I ask him what he had wanted to tell me. He says, “My dad always snorts stuff, he calls it nose candy. Before he went to jail, he gave me a bunch of my own nose candies, and told me I was allowed to have them at school.”

I have a blog, and yes, the vast majority of items on it are pointless and uninteresting to those who wouldn’t have an interest in me in the first place.

… but I have a brother currently serving in Iraq with the US Army, I have a sister who just moved to Texas with the US Air Force. I have a mother who is constantly driving off to each of their houses and a father who works two jobs and doesn’t get to talk to me directly all that much. I have friends who live across town, across the state and across the country. I have a job that has odd hours which fill up most of my week.

The one thing that my friends and family agree on is that while they thought much the same as the anti-bloggers prior, over time they noticed that blogs are a great way to keep in touch with what’s going on in the lives of people you know when you can’t always do so directly.

Yes, there are a good number of bloggers who think they’re an extra special snowflake and that somehow their blog is the most amazing thing ever for those lucky enough to read it as though it were some special online publication. Do what the rest of us do and simply don’t read them if they don’t interest you.

However, the vast majority of new blogs are created solely for a few friends and family as well as anyone who you might meet online who might want to see a little more about you other than the few posts you have in a forum or a smattering of IM messages.

But I am an extra special snowflake*! And I’d prove it to you, if I had a blog.

*[size=1]my mom said so[/size]