Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


Hot damn new hard drive and I am back on my machine!


I didn’t know journeymen refilled your team to 11. That wasn’t a big deal after all. Particularly so, after my dwarfs chewed up the squishies on my first drive.


Yeah, in general being a lineman or two down is not big deal. In some successful Skaven team I ran I was going out with 7-8 players every game (filled to 11 through journeymen).

It’s your important pieces missing the game that suck, or if you play style requires a bench.


Okay, I’m going to make this my first post on QT3. because I have loved Blood Bowl since I bought the original board game in the early nineties, and it stuck out to me as I was overwhelmed with all the threads. I’ve listened to Three Moves Ahead for a while now and have enjoyed Tom, so decided to check out his own podcast. and found that it was all about this website and the people on it. Y’all seem to be my kind of people, so here I am.

I am sure this is not the place for an intro post, but I couldn’t find it, so here you go.

As for Blood Bowl, I adore the game. Particularly love playing the Chaos Dwarves. I even played three seasons in an online league once using the original Blood Bowl game, my team was Chaos Dwarves and players named after the Muppets, even won the league in season 2. After a while, I got Blood Bowl 2, and I love the graphical and interface improvements, but again as I am sure y’all above have noted time and again, the AI is brutally inept, and it has totally killed my experience of one of my all time favorite games.

One of my favorite moments was when my Minotaur Sweetums killed a second player in one game on my friend’s wood elf team and my dwarves went up by 3 in a critical game. He was so upset, he rage quit and deleted the game from his hard drive. I hated that he deleted the game and quit it forever, but the resulting profanity ridden diatribe was pricelessly hilarious.

I look forward to reading more posts and getting to know y’all.




I am legowarrior on the BB league discord and the have the Tauri team.


Thanks, legowarrior!


Well, I have had better games. I can’t believe I misclicked from the beginning.


That was too close. And again, I misclicked. That Saurus should not have dodged!


Despite my computer internet crapping out, I was able to pull off a tie against Dark Elves. It was a never going to be win for me, the defense was just too good, but I lost time that would be made a tie much more likely. Luck was on my side the final turn, and I was able to tie it up the last turn.


Congrats! Dark elves are my nemeses.


It was a good game with last minute touch downs for both of us. I was just annoyed at how easy it was for them to dodge out of tackle zones. Every single time.


Heh - that’s Elves for you. It’s always tough to stop Elves from scoring (the Dwarves last match was the first time that happened for me, and I felt hard done by luck in that game), though you made it extremely hard for me too. So kudos right back at you for defensive play.

And yeah - the internet thing was really annoying and I’m honestly glad it didn’t cost you the game.


It was super close. There was little chance of me winning, but man, because of the internet, I lost the ability to move my skink with the ball the second the last turn. That final turn, I had a skink complete 1 dodge, pick up for 37%, than dodge out again, than pass the ball to a second skink to score. And 0 Rerolls.

Man, that was pure luck. If you had won, that would have sucked, but I could not get around your defense and it would have been fair. But I think the tie was legit, even if I got lucky to get it.

And that score of yours. I really thought I had you stopped in your tracks.


Damnit, my Saurus rolled an 11. I had a Skink and a Saurus level up after the game, but my Saurus rolled the 11. I guess I’ll give him block, unless anyone can think of a good reason to give my Saurus 2 Agility.

By the way, I think I have solved my internet issue going forward. Previously, I had internet going through the power lines (old computer doesn’t have wifi), but a couple of months back I got a wifi booster that allows for a cable going out. I replaced my powerline internet connection with the booster. Hopefully it will have fewer dropped packages.


Yeah - +AG on a Saurus really isn’t worth it, ever. “Me Saurus. Me Hit!” as the commentary goes.

I think you would have gotten around me in time for a touchdown if the internet slowdown had not opened up that opportunity for me to jump your ball carrier with a blitz, so I agree the bit of luck required there at the end was deserved. It was a good/fun game.


Finally grabbed this. I guess the legendary edition doesn’t include all the teams, so I’ll have to grab the team bundle next steam sale. Do they plan to add all the CRP teams to the game?


are the production values any better this time around? i bought the first one way back on stardock’s impulse platform and it felt like it used Visual Basic UI controls and Windows system fonts.


They are already in!


I know this was a design decision, but it’s one I hate. Tiered teams. It’s okay in table top, where you play against people of different levels of skill, but it sucks in an online setting. It just takes teams off the field.

I just finished a game against Goblins, were the opposing player conceded in the first half. Did not see a way to win. And there wasn’t that much, against a partial developed team of Lizardmen.


I was the goblin!

It wasn’t a rage quit as there was just no way that was even going to become a tie. One of your skinks would have picked up the ball and scored the next turn for 2-0 by turn 6, with the goblins getting no more secret weapons at that point. Sticking around for the 40k winnings wasn’t worth the injuries I’d be wracking up, and SPP are mostly a detriment to goblins.

But I would like to gripe at the altar of Nuffle:

  • Secret weapon teams are at a big disadvantage if they don’t get to start on offense. I don’t think I’ve won a single coin toss all season.

  • I was weighing using my 360k inducements on either a chef and a foul or Ripper star player and 2 fouls. I opted for the chef, and promptly rolled 1 reroll for him :. (I’m thinking a decent balance change would be to just have chefs provide +2/-2 rerolls rather than rolling. They’re GG in either direction if you roll a ‘1’ or a ‘3’)

  • I failed 5 out of 8 of my 2+ rolls in the first couple of turns. This in a season where centaurs make virtually every agility roll >_O

  • Every…single…movement my fanatic made was in exactly the one space I didn’t want him to go.