Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


All teams in the LRB will be in the Legendary Edition.

Kislev is a reskin of Slann, a team that was never officially released by GW but is widely played on table top due to being one of the three new teams in the LRB (living rule book). Other pseudo official new teams (Chaos pact and Underworld) used existing players, but Slann was all new players/race and for some reason that means they’d rather reskin them. Underworld will be in as-is, while Chaos Pact might or might not be in (I’m unsure on this). So Chaos Pact might be the only team missing.

Note that the Slann were canon in Warhammer, so I’m unsure why the reticence to bring them to Blood Bowl.


Slann in Warhammer are current giant bloated sorcerers that float and rule lizards. The BB slann are jumping frogs. I guess granny didn’t want any confusion.


Oooh, they’ve actually made a sensible upgrade path this time.

The previous version of Blood bowl was a disaster with many versions splitting playerbase, and the announcement of the Legendary Edition seemed to doom BB2 to the same fate. this time the new edition is being sold as just an expansion pack (read $25 DLC) that adds the 8 missing races and extra features. Which is pretty good value since I don’t have to buy a full new game, plus the player base remains solid. Of course buying everything from scratch is cheaper ($45 for the full pack) but I can live with that.



This will arrive just for the end of my current league. Looking forward to the new teams for our next season!!!


As a BB 2 owner to get get the expansion and the team pack, which is on sale, it will cost me $36. The Legendary version is on sale for $40.50, which includes the base game, that is usually $20. I feel ripped off. I save a whole $4.50 for supporting the game from the onset?

Am I missing something? Was there some promotion for previous owners I didn’t get?

Edit: actually not sure if I care after reading the Steam reviews. Someone mentioned the AI is still not turn aware either.


I’ve been playing the beta for this and the AI hasn’t improved at all from what I could see. I guess the hardcore Blood Bowl crowd and Cyanide don’t care since it’s all about MP.

The expansion stuff is pretty weird too. Some of it is straight copy+paste stuff like a whole team of ogres or a variety pack of elves. You do get halflings and a team of cossacks with bears, so that’s cool. The “endless” singleplayer campaign option is okay, but I can’t fathom anyone wanting to spend that much time with the goofy AI.


I don’t mind the AI too much, it does ok with some teams, and anyway, I like winning. It does always drive me nuts that it has no clue that it is turn 7 and it’s acting like it has all day to run the length of the field.


Agree. I mean I bought the base game. This expensive “expansion” just seems to add in features that should have been there in the first place. Bit annoying.


Those teams are from tabletop, so they didn’t have a lot of room to work with. They basically completed the roster. In terms of new stuff, vampires and goblins have the most significant new.mechanics up there.

I guess I’m a hardcore BB player? I love the breath of the expansion and the new management options for MV leagues.

So… Anybody up for a Qt3 league???


The Flying Skinks are eager to get back into action.


For some reason I read that as “interspecies erotica.”


Haha oops edited.

Was on my phone with spanish dictionary.


Well now I just look like a crazy person. :D

So… Thursday basically.


If you only have the base game can you play against the ones with the expansion?


I’m such a sucker for these games and I’m terrible at them but I missed BB2 when it came out. Purchased.

Played a quick match - yep. Still terrible.


I think so, yes. That’s why I like they went the expansion route.


Hey guys, bumping this to make a call for players willing to join a league.

We are 8 varied skill players (nobody really good, and some new players) from all timezones (so far we have Europe, East and West coast) playing a league with new teams and a 1-2 week schedule (still deciding, but it’s either 1 week per match with flexibility on extensions -average of 2 weeks per match- or a 2 weeks per match with two delays per coach max, which should be plenty). We also do extensions around holidays if people ask for it. The league has two rounds so (Players - 1)*2 matches per season with a playoffs knockout at the end.

If any of you gentlemen is interested in experiencing this game at its best (closed limited league), let me know and I will add you to the league mailing list. Season 2 just wrapped and we will be starting season 3 probably in about 2 weeks. I’m trying to get the league to the 10-12 players sweet spot (where there are enough matches for teams to really level up so the late-blossom teams have a fairer chance)

BTW, You only need the base game if you stick to the basic teams, but we are allowing any team (doesn’t really matter, the basic teams are top tier).


I would like to join, despite never playing MP Blood Bowl.


Sigh… I really wish I could join this, but I’ve found that it’s extremely difficult to devote a single block of time large enough to complete a game in one sitting.