Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


You can count me in!

Im on -3 GMT.


You bring up a good point. What would the average block of time need to be?


Would love to join, however being in Macau probably means that the timing might be tricky.


The game is played in 32 turns. We can put the timer at 2 or at 3 minutes per turn, which would make either 1 hour or 1.5 hours per match. Interruptions and animations bring this up a little, but then people don’t spend all their time per turn either, so that’s about an upper limit.

As for time zones: sometimes you need to wake up early or stay up late once every two weeks, normally around weekends, since, you know, work… Most of the players are East Coast based as of now, though, so for people in those time zones is easier (that is expect a harder scheduling the further you are from EST). But the second biggest group of players is Spain, so we are used to scheduling shenanigans. If you do make an effort to try to play the games, it’s fine.

So right now we have @MrCoffee in and @belouski and @cpugeek13 still unsure. So guys, read the above and if you are fine with it reply here.

I would like to get everybody started on choosing teams by the weekend.


OK, I’m in. Thanks for the explanation.



So @belouski and @MrCoffee, you can start making your teams as soon as you want. Once done, PM me the name of your team, the email you will use for the league mailing list, and your name so people know how to talk to you (we are all using real names in the mailing list).

I’m keeping recruiting open until late Thursday/Friday, so we can close team creation during the weekend and probably start the league mid next week if everything goes ok.


Ok ill reinstall the game this week and PM you the details.