Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


You can count me in!

Im on -3 GMT.


You bring up a good point. What would the average block of time need to be?


Would love to join, however being in Macau probably means that the timing might be tricky.


The game is played in 32 turns. We can put the timer at 2 or at 3 minutes per turn, which would make either 1 hour or 1.5 hours per match. Interruptions and animations bring this up a little, but then people don’t spend all their time per turn either, so that’s about an upper limit.

As for time zones: sometimes you need to wake up early or stay up late once every two weeks, normally around weekends, since, you know, work… Most of the players are East Coast based as of now, though, so for people in those time zones is easier (that is expect a harder scheduling the further you are from EST). But the second biggest group of players is Spain, so we are used to scheduling shenanigans. If you do make an effort to try to play the games, it’s fine.

So right now we have @MrCoffee in and @belouski and @cpugeek13 still unsure. So guys, read the above and if you are fine with it reply here.

I would like to get everybody started on choosing teams by the weekend.


OK, I’m in. Thanks for the explanation.



So @belouski and @MrCoffee, you can start making your teams as soon as you want. Once done, PM me the name of your team, the email you will use for the league mailing list, and your name so people know how to talk to you (we are all using real names in the mailing list).

I’m keeping recruiting open until late Thursday/Friday, so we can close team creation during the weekend and probably start the league mid next week if everything goes ok.


Ok ill reinstall the game this week and PM you the details.


I missed this but would be interested in participating whenever “signups” happen again. I’m in Central time. I have limited multiplayer experience – we had a league here years ago that I participated in for one season and did badly. Most of the people I remember playing back then aren’t on the boards anymore.


I’ll keep you in mind. Current league is progressing at a nice pace, but we are on week 4 out of 22, so still ways to go.

However we might experience drop outs in such a long league, so I’ll write you if so.


Dang just saw this. I would be interested in the next league for sure if there is room.


Ok, I’ll PM everybody who posts here from now till the league restarts (around March if everything goes according to plan, which is unlikely).


Just played my first game after Grembel and I were invited to fill a couple of slots for dropouts.

I decided to play Skaven despite the fact that I have played maybe… 3 games? as them ever. 95% of my playtime is as Chaos.

Went up against Orcs and ended up in a 2-2 tie with one dead Storm Vermin. I almost, almoooooost made a third touchdown in the back of the second half. At kickoff I rolled the thing that lets me move everybody one square. That put my gutter runner 1 square into his side. Opponent kicked a touchback, so I got to give him the ball. Double going-for-it to the last square before the end zone. He was able to get one blitzer to me and rolled the correct thing. I was hoping to get pushed in, but didn’t happen.

I am currently spectating Grembel’s game (he’s about to score on turn 7 of the first half).

Anyway, having fun. I appreciate the invite! I probably should not have chosen Skaven, though…


It’s a good league, although I don’t know anything about other leagues since this is my first. It is a heck of a lot more fun playing other people than the AI. Well, except for that one Dark Elf team that just left me feeling impotent.

I was worried the same thing was going to happen when I played a Wood Elf team last week, but I was able to win that game. That felt great, but I think I’m playing one of the top teams tomorrow, so I’m really worried again.

Multiplayer is overly emotional for me.


5 out of 12 league players are now Qt3ers, so I guess it’s cool to talk about it here?

I’m glad you guys are enjoying the league. It is definitely a game to play against people and not the computer. For me the game shines when original and inventive play changes the dynamics of a match.

Also, now that the two worst performing coaches left, it is really competitive. I think most of us are at a similar level, give or take.

Last two leagues I was one of the two top teams, but this time I’m having a harder time readapting to Skaven play. I think I’m getting around to it, but I’m going to have to fight to get to the playoffs.

Finally: If you play Pillage People or Weedbowlers, please hurt them. I haven’t played against them yet and they have no loss recorded… But they are very fragile :P

We haven’t delayed any round so far, but this might change soon. I’m about to become a dad and the week it finally happens it’s going to be hard to find the time. After that it should be fine,a nd I should be a better opponent when sleep deprived.


I watched your game against the Saurus team after my own (trying to get some Skaven tips). I knew the final score, so when they gave the ball to their big guy and got their cage 2/3 of the way to score, I was like, “How the hell does he get out of this?”

I was shocked (shocked!) to see that it was by throwing a TRIPLE RED block and getting enormously lucky.


That play had 30% chances of succeeding. Sometimes red blocks are the right thing to go for. Wrestle and strip ball.

Normally its against something that doesn’t have freaking ST5 and it’s only 2 red blocks and a 50% of success.


The “enormously lucky” part was just a comment on it being exciting, not me trying to impugn your play or anything. And I didn’t think about strip ball.

As someone who has almost exclusively played Chaos against the AI, that was a counter-intuitive move to me, for sure. The odds are not always obvious.


:P I just LOVE that play. I try not to do it too often (it’s dangerous) but it’s a way of getting around a good cage. And that WAS a good cage…

Oh, Skaven are all about excitement for me. I am much more uneven than when playing, say, Dwarves or Chaos, but there are always a couple of crazy plays per match.

Also, many dead rats, but that’s life…


When I was talking about my hail mary score attempt, I didn’t mention that I had… I think 6 players standing at that point. And then I foolishly bought a lineman instead of an apothecary after the game was over.


Look at some one turn Skaven score tips. With the KO event that allows you to move one space it should be reasonable to get a touchdown with a single chain push.