Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


The Blood Bowl 2 game allows to watch any match currently being played by any player worldwide (just search by coach or team name). I’m unsure about past matches.

If you are in a league you have one week to rewatch any match from that league through the league interface, but if you are not in the league I’m not sure what happens with already finished matches. My guess would be that they will be available if you look for them, but I haven’t tested.


It would be cool to open a streaming channel somewhere to store all matches, though. Never done that before, and with a 23 days old baby I’m busy enough with just playing my matches :)


He has a one turn scorer. Until that guy dies (hopefully before the playoffs) it will be incredibly hard to beat that team. He’s had probably the best level up rolls I’ve ever seen.

In my match against him I brought him down to 5 players at some point, but he succeeded all 6 recovery rolls (all were KOs) so that was it.

Guys: foul that one turn scorer…


Unfortunately, he is a smart enough coach to only play him on his offensive turns. Since he scored on every single offensive play, I never even had a chance to touch him. He would have had to fail a dodge or going for it roll and injure himself. I actually really like how crazy stuff like this comes up in Blood Bowl, even when it goes against me.

That player has two MA bonuses doesn’t he? I think he can move 10 spaces and he has Sprint.


Yep, two MA bonuses, sprint and sure feet. He does have AV6, so he’s incredibly vulnerable to fouls.

In my game against him I was able to foul once, but sadly it was just a KO (which he recovered from as explained above).


Back in the day playing tabletop, tournament semi-final, last turn, my one turn scorer goes for it for the win. Double one. Fails armour roll. Dies.


Were you able to appreciate the absurd humor of the situation, or was it lost in the frustration of it happening in the freaking semi-finals?

I only played Blood Bowl once or twice in the 80/90’s and didn’t play again until the digital versions came out. And it wasn’t until I played in Juan’s league that I played MP. I regret all those years of not playing this ridiculously fun game.


My match against Chaos ended up with his team trying for a GFI touchdown at the last turn and failing it. I ended up winning thanks to that.

I enjoyed it, i don’t know if he did :p

Was that you @Grembel?


It’s not really my league. Right now it’s almost a Qt3 league. 5 out of 12 players…

But isn’t it fun? I don’t think the game can fully be appreciated until you do multiplayer in a closed league. So well designed and fun, and minor changes in a couple of player stats,or even their advancement paths, really influence how different teams play.

A pity modern board game design sensibilities have moved away from what makes this game great. Very few of the current highly valued boardgames are going to be played for as long or by as many people as this.


HAHA yes that was me. Was a good game. Looking forward to next season. Starting over halfway puts us at a bit of a disadvantage :P


We are almost halfway through the season, so hopefully it won’t be too long!


I forgot its double round robin!

I need to remember to foul more.


Yeah, it’s double round robin, so 12 matches left. And with the playoff cutoff (first six players) at only 4 wins so far, and everybody with at least one win, everybody is still in the game so far


At the time it was the nail in the coffin of the entire team, as I had several deaths and serious injuries in the match that made the team non-viable without the prize money.

Now it makes a good war story.


Hey friends,this is on a pretty good sale right now. Would y’all say it’s worth picking up for the single player?


Kinda sparse on the space ships but otherwise, yeah, I’d get it.


I wouldn’t know. I haven’t played a single SP game.

But the online leagues are pretty populated, and you could always join out league in three months or so when it resets :P


Sp is ok but the online league play is where its at.


Fresh meat is always welcomed!


Yeah…my schedule is so erratic I don’t so well with multiplayer, typically. Thanks for the input y’all.