Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


Nice! Two more recruits

We are still a couple weeks from the league starting at best.

For the time being:

1- create a new team
2- Send me via PM:

  • Team name
  • BB2 coach name
  • Real life mail
  • email address you want to use for the leage mailing list.

Of course, the more the merrier, so anybody else who is thinking about it, we still have some time to decide…


Okay, I am in. I will send you the relevant details later today.


Ok, I’m going to try to have all submissions done by Sunday, so @strategy @infested_terran and whoever else might be interested… if you want to join create your teams and PM me your info before Monday!!!


Okay, I am playing through the campaign, and am 40% through, and it’s just a bit boring. I am doing it because you it helps me learn the system, but damn, the game doesn’t want to make it very hard, does it.


The campaign is terrible. I’d recommend watching some YouTubers instead. the_sage has a lot of good videos. He even has a video or two of him tutoring people in Blood Bowl.


It’s not blood bowl itself that, but it’s just how the game handles the keys and UI.

I’m just rushing through the campaign.


Hmm, I hope it helps. Also make sure you play a number of games against the AI, if you can’t find a human, and set the timer for 2 minutes. I was still struggling at the end of the season to get my some of my turns done.

I would be up for a few scrimmages before the next season starts.


Member I will skip to the scrimmage games.


I’m on the US West Coast, and am usually available to play early or late evening during the week, or just about anytime on the weekend if you’re interested. I’m not that good at Blood Bowl, but I’d probably be better than the campaign.


Thank you! If I can swing, I will let you know.

Blood bowl is one of those games that enjoy but that I want to love.


Well, I think the league experience is where it shines, so you might get to love it (maybe).

One key interface feature is pressing control so the game overlays the skills of all players over their 3D model. It can get messy sometimes, but it helps not forgetting that guy has diving tackle, for example.

So far it seems we might be heading for a bashy league this time (quite a change from the previous season). Still many players to communicate their team choices, though.


I was thinking the same thing on bashy. And hear I am throwing a wood elf team into the mix HAHA


I was thinking on playing skaven as usual, but might switch to Chaos. Probably I’ll stick with the rats, tbh.

BTW, 7 out of 12 league players are now forum members :). It has pretty much become a forum league.


Are there any open slots?


If you want to join, yes.

We might have to add an AI team because odd numbers, but that’s it.

Actually, we might be at odd numbers already, so please join ;)


I only have the baseline Blood Bowl 2, not Legendary or anything like that. Would I still be able to play?


I believe so. You will be limited to choosing the teams you own, but I think that’s it…


Okay, I’m in. What do you need from me?



I need:
Team name
coach name
email address
real life first name (to talk to each other in the mailing list). I’m guessing this one is Mark

Just PM me your info


I have the base game + dlc and i can play just fine in the league, it only limits you with the amount of teams you can choose (unlike the first game)…

I think ill be making a High elves team instead of lizard this time around.

PD: I hate your rats Juan.