Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


Skaven are the bane of Goblins. If someone could maim and kill the Skaven team as much as possible before I have to face it, I’d appreciate it.


I’d be interested in a couple of pick-up games too. Really need some practice with the 2-min limit.


I am up for it, but usually I am available only after 9:30 EST.


I thought everything was kinda the bane of gobbos though?


Except Halflings.


AM or PM? Big difference whether we’re talking 3:30 PM or 3:30 AM…


I’m very excited we have a Gobbo team this season. Should be fun, and scary (at least when the secret weapons come up).

BTW, guys, PM you your GMT timezone info. We have some EU players and it helps scheduling to know that beforehand.


Yeah there are definite areas I struggle in with Gobblins, but they are the only team I can hum the Gremlins theme to.


Some practice against the AI. Just your typical Gobbo team at halftime.


Haha so true


The last 3 turns all I had left on the field was 2 trolls and 1 goblin.

The goblin was permanently downed, and the trolls failed SEVEN stupid rolls (4+) in a row in addition to two loner (4+) rolls trying to use a team reroll.

I ran into something though. It seemed like I couldn’t use rerolls for failed dodges? Twice I failed a dodge with rerolls left, and both times there was never an option to reroll. I hadn’t already used a reroll that turn, and I thought it was a rule that you can only use one per turn? But then I saw the AI using more than one the same turn so I don’t know? It was confusing.


The dodge skill should only trigger if you fail to move out of somebody’s tackle zone. The skill rerolls it. If that fails, you can’t reroll the move a second time (using your team reroll).


Every skill that gives you a free reroll forbids a team reroll on free reroll failure. Every important action (but block) has a free reroll skill (dodge, sure hands…)

If you fail, the free reroll saves it, and in the same turn you fail again, then you can trigger the team reroll.

Easy to parse rule: no matter the source, a specific roll can only be reroll once. Makes sense because on two rerolls (three rolls) some risky plays become not risky at all (like dodging into a cage with an AG4 player).


If you failed with a dodge or stunty roll I dont think you can use a reroll.


Stunty does not provide a free reroll, so it’s compactible with team reroll.


About to start the league!!!

Sent everybody a couple of mails. Some of you are trying to pass experienced teams as new. Keeping to the lore of the game, but it’s not going to fly :P


Remade team. New name: Yo Gobba Gobba!


Invited! We are almost there, guys…




(Yo Gobba Gobba!)
I’m usually available weekends EXCEPT this one. 10pm-2am GMT weekdays also words.