Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


So, who isn’t on the board?


We can just say who we are on the board…

I’m the Neverending Rat Nightmare


I’m Regular Dwarves, Probably (Chaos Dwarves)


Tauri lizardmen.


PPEs chaos dwarfs


Im the ponytails


Ready to schedule a game with whoever Wicked is.


He is not in the forum. If you look at the email for the round, I include team names and associated emails so you can contact him directly.


Well, that was a game of epic mistakes and epic luck. By the way, in case anyone doesn’t know, while playing my game, I did put a pox on everyone who vote for 2 minutes instead of 3. So, if anyone stubs their toe, you know why, and you know you deserved it


So we’ve had to delay until this weekend due to an illness. I emailed the thread but didn’t see a response.


Check out the discord if you aren’t there. It’s been popping.

It seems people like to spectate


Oops. Turns out I was in the wrong Discord. The above link goes to “Gaming Group Gamma”, but apparently everyone was at “Jeff&Co Blood Bowl League”.

So we finished our match. Goblins vs Underworld, so goblins vs half goblins?

Lots of lucky followed by unlucky swings. Underworld got the snap play event on offense, perfect defense on defense, but then lost 2 guys in a row to a successful chainsaw attack. Goblins first kickoff landed exactly one space short of their end zone, then the next one right in front of the enemy thrower. The most forehand slapping though was the double reroll “going for it” failure. That goblin has since been renamed “Butter Toes”.

Ended up in a 2-2 tie as each side never failed an offensive drive.


I should have been year, the discord link sent out by email. Sorry about the confusion.


Yeah, Discord seems to be working well. 2 people still not on it, so I will keep sending emails each round.

This round’s results:

And next round’s schedule:


Wicked Beyond Repair is in luck. I’m coming into that game with only 9 players.


One of the is a Hobbo, so you’ll get him back as a loner. You are just missing a dwarf :P


Hot damn new hard drive and I am back on my machine!


I didn’t know journeymen refilled your team to 11. That wasn’t a big deal after all. Particularly so, after my dwarfs chewed up the squishies on my first drive.


Yeah, in general being a lineman or two down is not big deal. In some successful Skaven team I ran I was going out with 7-8 players every game (filled to 11 through journeymen).

It’s your important pieces missing the game that suck, or if you play style requires a bench.


Okay, I’m going to make this my first post on QT3. because I have loved Blood Bowl since I bought the original board game in the early nineties, and it stuck out to me as I was overwhelmed with all the threads. I’ve listened to Three Moves Ahead for a while now and have enjoyed Tom, so decided to check out his own podcast. and found that it was all about this website and the people on it. Y’all seem to be my kind of people, so here I am.

I am sure this is not the place for an intro post, but I couldn’t find it, so here you go.

As for Blood Bowl, I adore the game. Particularly love playing the Chaos Dwarves. I even played three seasons in an online league once using the original Blood Bowl game, my team was Chaos Dwarves and players named after the Muppets, even won the league in season 2. After a while, I got Blood Bowl 2, and I love the graphical and interface improvements, but again as I am sure y’all above have noted time and again, the AI is brutally inept, and it has totally killed my experience of one of my all time favorite games.

One of my favorite moments was when my Minotaur Sweetums killed a second player in one game on my friend’s wood elf team and my dwarves went up by 3 in a critical game. He was so upset, he rage quit and deleted the game from his hard drive. I hated that he deleted the game and quit it forever, but the resulting profanity ridden diatribe was pricelessly hilarious.

I look forward to reading more posts and getting to know y’all.