Blood Bowl Beta announced, site opened

Someone I know in the Beta confirmed Starforce is on it.

It wants to install something by Protection Technologies ltd. That’s StarForce.

hmm, that kinda sucks

It won’t stop me from installing the beta. Almost every freaking thing has DRM now, I don’t think there is a GOOD one.

God damn it. Was looking forward to this, too.

Same here. Oh well.

well, hopefully this drm is just there to protect the beta. it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be on the final product. regardless, if the game is good i’ll be getting it.

Hmm. I got my beta invite email today, but now I’m wary of installing it. :-/

You can give it to me, I’m willing to take the hit.

StarForce never gave me a problem, so IF I get in, I will be downloading and firing her up.

sigh Fucking Starforce. I’d just wait to buy a copy until a cracked version is released, but the whole point is multiplayer, so that probably won’t work well.

Maybe I’ll just play something else. :-/

Looks like it’s 360 time.

Can’t wait for this. Going to have to play it on my PSP though.

i just got in the multiplayer beta, yay! i’ll try to post some impressions after i’ve played a game or two.

Don’t post impressions. You’re under NDA.

ah, you are right. :(

Jeez Cubit, is this your first day? ;P

F**** Starforce. They just LOST a paying customer because of their anti-piracy BS. How ironic.

buy the 360 version

Not unless it ships with a free 360…

I don’t get why companies use Starforce. What goes through my potential customer head when I become aware of something like that? This: if I buy the game, I’ll have to use a crack because Starforce might kill my hardware. If I use a crack, then I can’t go online. If I can’t go online and have to use a crack, it’ll not only be gratis, it’ll be less of a hassle to just download a pirate copy and not buy the game to begin with.

… Do they not want to sell copies or what’s the idea here?

The idea is that customers like us, ones who follow gaming religiously and get worked up enough over things like the brand of DRM they use to boycott the product, are a tiny tiny minority.

If it seems like they aren’t catering to your wants or needs as a customer, it’s because they aren’t.