Blood Bowl League sign up thread!

Sign ups for my Blood Bowl League - A Quarter to Three Die Block - have begun!

Here are the specifics:

We are running this league in the legendary edition of the game.
We are going to be running a cup tournament format with either a single or double round robin depending on the number of signups.
No blitz mode additions will be present.
We will be playing one game per week - with one exception for the holidays.
All teams must be completely new teams with a TR of 1000 or less and no SPP on any players. We’re starting with as level of a playing field as we can. I mean, if you want to play halflings, thats your business, but at least we’ll start out on even TR footing.

You will be expected to get in touch with your opponent to play your game via PM’s here and play within that time frame. Please do not sign up if you cannot reasonably expect to meet a one week game time frame. I understand that real life issues come up and if you need to miss a week here and there, it happens, but please make a best effort to make your games. Issues with contacting opponents can be brought to my attention and I will try to resolve them.

The time frame I am planning on is as follows:
Sign ups begin now.
Signups will officially be closed in about a week on Friday Nov. 19. On that day I will create the league with the appropriate number of spots. I will then post here the necessary information for you to join the league. I will allow approximately one week for everyone to join the league by starting games. As this takes us across thanskgiving weekend, I will give a little more time to get your team created and entered.
Once your team is created and entered in the league, I would appreciate if each player could PM me the name of their team. I will be starting another league gameplay thread at the start of the league in which I will post a list of all team names linking them to Qt3 accounts so that everyone will have a way to get in touch with each other.
First week of the season will start on November 29th. I will update the first post of the league gameplay thread with matchups.
Subsequent weeks will start promptly on monday of that week. I will update the first post of the league gameplay thread with last week’s results, standings, and new matchups.

I will NOT be advancing the league to a new week on December 27th - that in-game week will last two weeks of real time to allow folks to celebrate the holidays. I don’t want anyone to miss out on their league play because they are traveling to see family or other various holiday related reasons. Normal one-week league advancement will resume on January 3rd.

Upon completion of the regular season, the first post of the league gameplay thread will be updated congratulating the teams that have made the playoffs and their assignments. The league will be set up so that approximately half of the participants advance to playoffs, give or take depending on number of players.

When all the chips are down and we have a winner, they have my full authority to PM Tom and ask for a custom title. Note that I have not run this by Tom in any way and fully expect him to tell you to piss off. But you have my full authority to ask him. :D

I know several folks were planning on buying the legendary edition for this league. This will effectively allow two weeks for them to do so which I feel is a reasonable time to look for deals and allow necessary paychecks to arrive. :)

So - if this wall of text has not hit you for too much damage, please post accordingly if you are signing up. If you already know your team name and race, by all means add it to your post as well. Any questions can be directed to this thread or to my PM inbox!

I’m in.


Not sure of team name or team yet. Probably Orks, but I might change that.

I’m in with an ork squad called Green Crush.

I, JOHN MANY JARS, am in too.

I will download the discounted Legendary edition and see if I want to be one of the new races, and I will pick a team name then.

I am Mark Weston and Mark Weston is me.

No idea which team I’m playing. I was thinking Orcs, but as we seem to have two of those already I’m likely to look for something new.

I’m in, not sure what race I’ll be playing.

I’m also in with a race and team to be determined later.

I’m in, likely with a Dark Elf team. I’m tempted by Necromantic though, and haven’t firmly made up my mind.

I’m in, either with skaven or humans.

I’m in. Probably Necro.

I, ddtibbs, am in. Plus what all those other people upthread said about team TBD.

I’m in still learning so not sure on my team

I’m in, Necro team called Something Wicked.

Race and Team to Be Determined.

I’m in.

Thanks for running this.

I’m in.

Still working through the new teams and trying to pick a good one. So Haflings are good, right?

I say we all have to be either halfling or goblin.

Maybe the next league will be a stunty league :)

Can you make a team of 11-15 skinks?

Goblins actually look pretty fun with all the secret weapons. Don’t take to the field to win, just try and rough up the opposition as much as possible and have a good laugh while doing so.