[Blood Bowl] NWC 7 and Minors 7 Registration!

Sorry about the hiatus, a bunch of things contributed:

  • I needed a break from running things! Been playing over in the OCC a bit – nice to only have to schedule matches!
  • I wanted to give the Chaos Edition some time to settle in to see if there are any bugs; there are apparently some related to compatibility between Legendary and Chaos. :-/
  • I wanted to give Xcom some time to blow over, as I suspect the overlap is pretty strong with Blood Bowl.
  • Crazy soccer schedule as well as some vacation.

Anyway, Blood Bowl!

Honestly I haven’t thought about the details in a bit, and there’ll probably be some league format discussion to be had when I’m back from vacation ~Sunday. I do recall some discussion about resetting the NWC for fresh teams. Personally, I think the NWC / Minors split handles this well enough, but if there’s enough interest in resetting I’ll put it to a vote. Or anything else you guys want to bring up!

I just wanted to let you guys know that the season is coming, and try to gauge the interest. Those of you left orphaned by the OWC are welcome to join us as well!

If you’re interested post the team you’re looking to play and it’s TV!

The skinks will be back, ill get the TV and update this post later.

I’m in, … if there is room and assuming this is not a Euro timezone league. I wasn’t in any of these leagues prior, but I have played in the OCC. =)
I may even play one of the new teams!! Can’t wait for the details.

There is definitely room (we generally make room by adding “secondary” teams), and it’s not euro TZs (though some players are in Europe).

Oh, and if you’ve played in the OCC you’ll do fine. We’re a bit more laid back, and run a regular season -> playoff format, but otherwise it’s fairly similar. Well, except that we don’t have 200+ players!

Any update on the league start/resume?

Both Legendary and Chaos were update today, and these are the patch notes.

Lets get the “ball” “rolling”!!! I’d like to use Chaos edition in any league(s) we get going.

Sorry, z22, it looks like the signup thread on BF has stalled out too.

Oooh, looks like it hasn’t been abandoned!!!