[Blood Bowl] Qt3 A Little Action on the Side

The NWC just isn’t giving me enough action, so I’m hunting for a little something on the side. Apparently I’m not the only one either, so I’m starting a new league!

Unlike our other leagues the schedule will be fairly strict this time, as the primary goal is to get more matches in. Primarily Western Hemisphere, but players elsewhere are welcome too.

I’m not really sure what the format is, other than there are a bunch of new players so it’ll be low (1200 and under?) or perhaps even fresh teams. I’m thinking ~two 4-6 player leagues, or perhaps an 8 player playoff.

Qt3 Side Action A.

 [b]Team Name[/b]                 Race   - Qt3 Name        Steam Name    BB Name

 [b]HighFunctioningAlcoholics[/b] Dwarf  - [maxle](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=27420)           mxlm          mxlm
 [b]Big Toof Ladz[/b]             Orc    - [Jasper Phillips](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=1283 ) Jasper        Jaded Jasper
 [b]The Zillas[/b]                Lizard - [rasputin](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=2454 )        rasputinprime Rasputin Prime
 [b]The Fevered Few[/b]           Nurgle - [Boojum](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=44289)          Boojum42      MadOverlord
 [b]Mithril Chain Underoos[/b]    Elf    - [Chris Gwinn](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=23430)     MNGwinn       MN Gwinn
 [b]Dead Iz Better!!![/b]         Undead - [OuchThatHurts](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=45489)   Rasputin2112  Ouch-That-Hurts

 Week 5
 [b]Dead Iz Better!!![/b]         vs. [b]The Zillas[/b]             

Qt3 Side Action B.

 [b]Team Name[/b]               Race   - Qt3 Name               Steam Name           BB Name

 [b]The Goblin Sappers[/b]      Goblin - [Reldan](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=4149 )                 Reldan               Reldan
 [b]Belching Norwegians[/b]     Norse  - [RevnueGuy](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=46637)              revenueguy           revenueguy
 [b]Smash Smash[/b]             Orc    - [Matt Perkins](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=238  )           wzrd                 wzrd
 [b]Biddle Street Slashers[/b]  Nurgle - [guppy](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=45450)                  Raiser               inigima
 [b]Sideshow of Dr. Frareau[/b] Necro  - [Lazy Shiftless Bastard](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=4601 ) LazyShiftlessBastard LazyShiftlessBastard
 [b]Flying Skink Attack[/b]     Lizard - [MrCoffee](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=24239)               MrCoffee             MrCoffee

 Week 5
 [b]The Goblin Sappers[/b]      vs.  [b]Belching Norwegians[/b]
 [b]Flying Skink Attack[/b]     vs.  [b]Biddle Street Slashers[/b]
 [b]Sideshow of Dr. Frareau[/b] vs.  [b]Smash Smash[/b]

I think a round robin would be the most fun for people, allowing everyone to play with and against new teams.

1100-1200 should definitely be the limit, but I’m a poor judge of just how much that 1k difference between the two is in terms of undue advantage on a brand new 1k team.

I’ll be making a new team either way, since I’ve never played a multiplayer game before.

I’d say stick to round robin format, as the point is more to get lots of games in than for strict competition. And I like the idea of everyone starting off with fresh teams, but am willing to go either way (I do have an 1100 Khemri team, but would be just as happy to start something new).

I’m going to be leaving town for the weekend soon, where I’ll have internet but not Blood Bowl access. So we’ve plenty of time to discuss the details before I start the league on Monday.

I’ll be in with either a Norse team at 1200 TV, or an Orc team at 1000 TV.

Would i be able to use my team from the NWC here? assuming my elves dont break the 1200 TV mark that is.

Probably not:

  • I’m starting the league Monday. I’m jonsing for my fix too much to wait any longer!
  • You’re still in the running for the NWC playoffs if you win in week 5.

That said, there’ll likely be another “Minor” league or two starting up when the NWC regular season finishes ~July 24th.

I was going to ask about the Persuaders, but apparently when I wasn’t looking they hit 1300 TV. Hmm. Maybe I’ll roll wood elves. Or dwarves. Or, hell, I dunno.

I vote round robin

I’d like to play and because I have no idea what it means to start a team at 1200 TV (buy mercs or something?), I say start teams at 1000 TV. ;)

There’s no way to start a new team at 1200. The question is just whether to make everyone use brand-new teams or allow them to use teams that have a few games under their belt from one of the other leagues.

I would be interested in playing with a new team if you have room/need another few people.

I’m interested in starting a new team, but what do you mean about strict scheduling? What if people’s schedules just can’t sync up in time?

Then the match will be set to a 0 - 0 bye, and the league(s) will move on. There’d be no standings to worry about, so the only thing you’d miss out on would be more matches, and I figure it doesn’t make sense to try to salvage a match or two at the expense of holding things up so even less matches are played…

I don’t mean to say I’m planning on being inflexible on this, but I intend to err on the side of keeping things moving, rather than on the side of getting all the matches played as I do for the NWC.

Sounds good.

Preference has been strongly for Round Robin and leaning towards Fresh Teams, so we’ll go with that.

I’ve assigned the first 6 players that confirmed (see first post) to the “Qt3 Side Action” league, which is already created and ready to join.

That leaves 4 players for a second league, plus possibly Reldan’s friend and/or McCoffee, who I think are probably in but am not 100% sure about. I’ll create this league as soon as I know whether to make it 4 or 6 players.

Now I need to decide what to play. I’ve been doing amazons in single player, and I like them, but want something a little less cagey and with players that are easier to tell apart. I’m thinking maybe pro or dark elves.

Guess i’m in, i want to try a lizardman team.

I’ve applied. Pro elf team “mithril chain underoos”

The HighFunctioningAlcoholics have applied to group A

I’ve accepted your team Chris, but if this is your first foray into Multiplayer Blood Bowl I would… suggest that Pro Elf is one hell of a rough way to start.

Unless you’re either willing to learn from a sound pasting or are a precociously good beginning player you may be in for some rough handling, as pretty much every team will out bash you by a /wide/ margin.

I can definitely see the appeal of those sweet sweet Blitzers and Catchers, but Pro Elves are probably the last team I’d recommend to learn the game with, since they’re both tricky to play as well as fragile and (moderately) expensive.

I don’t want to discourage you, but I also fear you’ll get frustrated if your luck turns a bit sour and you start to lose players… Anyway, just wanted you to be aware of what you (might!) be in for!