[Blood Bowl] Qt3/BF Old World Cup 6!

Minor League Specific Rules

  • Victorious players are responsible for uploading matches to BBManager under “Qt3 OWC 6”. Please do!
  • The top 4 teams from each division will be in the playoffs.
  • Playoff tiebreakers are: Pts, Touchdown Differential, vs. result, then random.

Useful Links
OWC 6 parallel thread on Broken Forum
Qt3 League Rules and new player setup details
Starplayers available in Blood Bowl Legendary
Tips for new players

(W-D-L) Pt TD  [b]Team Name[/b]                 Race     UTC Qt3-Name        Broken-Name  Steam-Name  BB-Name
(6-1-0) 19 +11 [b]Society f. Cutting Up Men[/b] Amazon    +1 [Akhorahil](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=45414)       -            Akhorahil_5 Akhorahil_5
(4-1-2) 10 +3  [b]Flying Skirrls           [/b] Wood Elf  +2 -               [Dreamy](http://brokenforum.com/index.php?members/dreamy.1329/)       ???         Dreamy
(6-0-1) 18 +8  [b]Barrow Lords             [/b] Undead    +1 [strategy](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=3410 )        [strategy](http://brokenforum.com/index.php?members/strategy.992/    )     strategym   Strategy
(3-0-4)  9 +2  [b]Narcissistic Personality [/b] High Elf  ?? -               [Kalle](http://brokenforum.com/index.php?members/kalle.513/)        Kalle       Kalle
(3-0-4)  9  0  [b]Lascivious Statesmen     [/b] Human     -7 [Jasper Phillips](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=1283 ) [Jasper](http://brokenforum.com/index.php?members/jasper.594/      )       Jasper      Jaded Jasper
(2-1-4)  7 -6  [b]Chill Sea United         [/b] Dark Elf  +1 [IainC](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=26556)           [IainC](http://brokenforum.com/index.php?members/iainc.198/       )        IainC       IainC
(1-1-5)  4 -9  [b]better off dwarf         [/b] Dwarf     +0 [Lykurgos](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=15090)        -            Lykurgos    Lykurgos
(1-0-6)  3 -9  [b]Foxrock Greenskins       [/b] Orc       ?? [marxeil](http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/member.php?u=765  )         [marxeil](http://brokenforum.com/index.php?members/marxeil.1407/    )      ???         marxeil

Link to further Coach and Player stats

Lascivious Statesmen      vs. Narcissistic Personality  : 0 - 2
Foxrock Greenskins        vs. Society f. Cutting Up Men : 0 - 4
Barrow Lords              vs. Flying Skirrls            : 1 - 0
better off dwarf          vs. Chill Sea United          : 0 - 2

Barrow Lords              vs. Lascivious Statesmen      : 2 - 0
Foxrock Greenskins        vs. better off dwarf          : 0 - 1
Narcissistic Personality  vs. Chill Sea United          : 3 - 1
Society f. Cutting Up Men vs. Flying Skirrls            : 2 - 0

Lascivious Statesmen      vs. better off dwarf          : 3 - 0
Chill Sea United          vs. Barrow Lords              : 0 - 2
Flying Skirrls            vs. Foxrock Greenskins        : 1 - 0 bye
Society f. Cutting Up Men vs. Narcissistic Personality  : 2 - 1

Chill Sea United          vs. Lascivious Statesmen      : 1 - 2
better off dwarf          vs. Flying Skirrls            : 1 - 1
Barrow Lords              vs. Society f. Cutting Up Men : 1 - 2
Foxrock Greenskins        vs. Narcissistic Personality  : 1 - 0 bye

Lascivious Statesmen      vs. Flying Skirrls            : 1 - 2
Society f. Cutting Up Men vs. Chill Sea United          : 1 - 1
Narcissistic Personality  vs. better off dwarf          : 2 - 0
Foxrock Greenskins        vs. Barrow Lords              : 1 - 2

Society f. Cutting Up Men vs. Lascivious Statesmen      : 2 - 1
Flying Skirrls            vs. Narcissistic Personality  : 3 - 2
Chill Sea United          vs. Foxrock Greenskins        : 1 - 0 bye
better off dwarf          vs. Barrow Lords              : 0 - 2

Lascivious Statesmen      vs. Foxrock Greenskins        : 2 - 0
Barrow Lords              vs. Narcissistic Personality  : 2 - 1
better off dwarf          vs. Society f. Cutting Up Men : 0 - 2
Chill Sea United          vs. Flying Skirrls            : 1 - 4

No Playoffs!

Testing the forum, and noting that I’m on UTC+2 until Autumn.

[CENTER]Foxrock Greenskins 0 - 4 Society for Cutting Up Men

So basically, this is a matchup of dodge vs armor, at least with new teams. I haven’t played amazons before, but they’re basically the opposite of dwarves, right? So I played them like that, and it worked out fine. Instead of caging, and engaging, use disengaging, screening and reverse caging (that is, surrounding the opponent’s players).

S.C.U.M. chose to receive, and managed to bring down the line of Black Orcs, while picking up the ball and managing a pass. An infiltrating Blitzer was brought down, but still more came running through the holes in the green line, and soon a reverse cage was established, with team captain Valerie Solanas holding the ball close to the orcs’ TD zone, while the rest of the amazons prevented the orcs from getting to her through screening. Score on turn 8 (okay, so that part I play just as I do Dwarves…). Two players each in the KO box, but they all returned at once.

Second half, Orcs receive. Some bashing on the LoS, but even Black Orcs need some luck to bring down a blodge blitzer, so some held. Then an orc blitzer grabbed the ball, attempted a difficult pass… and through awful luck, the ball bounced into the hands of the same Amazon blitzer as before. A rapid flank change combined with deep screening and more running, and the Amazons scored on turn 11. After the next kick to the orcs, the amazons again snuck behind the orc lines, blitzed down the thrower, grabbed the ball with a blitzer, and scored in turn 14. Next time, the orcs gave a turnover from bashing, with the ball unsecured, and allowed risky Amazon play with plenty of dodges and GFIs, where yet another blitzer snapped up the ball, and scored in turn 16.

The win was slightly marred by the catcher getting a MNG with -ST even after using an Apo (brought down by a blitzing Black Orc), and rolling a mere 30K in winnings on top of that, but I think I’ll have to get used to going through players like a red-hot chainsaw through soft butter when playing 'zons.


Sounds like a Brutal match; Amazons are so strong early on, especially once they get some Guard.

Yes, it was very brutal :(

We can commiserate then. The Lascivious Statesmen were scandalously abused by Kalle’s Narcissistic Personality (Hah!), swiftly turning from a game where (I thought!) I was winning into a crippling 2-0 loss.

I was able to chalk up two kills though! Including a vain Line-elf who will not be missed, and… also one of my Blitzers who tripped and died. :-(

The Statesmen are already looking forward to a grudge re-match! The way this season is shaping up they may have plenty of grudges to avenge, too.

Quick question for everyone: Has anyone ever had trouble with BBManager, and then managed to fix it? Several players are having trouble using it.

The Barrow Lords shambled out to meet the Flying Skrrls this evening. The Skrrls had the (somewhat atypical) setup of 4 catchers and 7 linemen, which meant that Dreamy’s game plan would almost certainly involve a lot of running. I had opted for the 3 ghouls variant of the Undead setup, meaning that I would not be completely immobile (though they would still be able to run rings around us).

I elected to kick off, hoping to go for the good old 2-1 grind. It was a high kick deep into the Wood Elf half, allowing the Skrrls to sit deep and place their catchers into position. A major scrum began on the sidelines, with the Undead and the Elves taking it in turns to send their opponents into the welcoming arms of the fans (damned Elf catchers and their mobility). However, while this was going on a Ghoul managed to sneak into GFI-blitz range of the ball carrier, and promptly smashes him to the pitch, sending the ball out of bounds. The throw-in positions the ball relatively well for the Elves who promptly snatch it and make the customary break forward. A rookie Catcher is broken free within range of the touch-line… and promptly fumbles the catch. Zombies and Mummies shamble back and although the Elves still have a chance, the Undead manage to lock down the ball with tackle zones. I decide to refrain from risking losing the ball (and giving the Skrrls the chance of a score) via a rush toward the Elf endzone, and simply have my Mummies sit on the ball and poke the Elves in the chest who try to get near.

Second half starts with 10 Undead vs 9 Elves (Leif the Lucky Ghoul was out with a gouged eye), A riot puts the clock forward by one turn. The start is brutal for the Skrrls, with two players sent to sickbay right away. I fail the pickup, though and the Skrrls manage to open up a lane to flood my backfield. However, before things can get really dangerous, an Elf lineman manages to fail his dodge - and injuring himself in the process.

Yngvar the Far-Travelled does not make the same mistake twice - takes the ball and cages up. From then on, it is “simply” a matter of bashing our way to the Skrrls end zone with 10 Undead vs 6 Elves. The Skrrls have some good actions and manage to get a block or two on the ball carrier through daring dodges, but all they really get for their trouble is another injured player. Yngvar runs in for a touch down on Turn 16.

Another riot puts the clock back by one turn, giving the 5 Elf players on the pitch a slim chance of managing a score in two turns. Hiding Quickly manages to fumble the pickup, however, making the attempt fruitless.

So 1-0 to the Barrow Lords in a game that would almost certainly have ended as a draw, if not for poor luck on the Elves pick up and catch rolls.

All games have been validated and game day has been advanced. Let’s try to finish the next round no later than Monday, 11 June.

The Barrow Lords had a discussion about good government with the Laviscuous Statesmen today. The Statesmen were down one blitzer, while the Barrow Lords fielded only two ghouls, but had picked up a couple of extra zombies to make 12 players on the team.

I got to kick off again and the game devolved into a scrum on the center line. A few turns in, Schwarzenegger the Ogre got boneheaded, and the Mummy’s were quick to exploit the opportunity to tear into the Human formation. A wight managed to get a 1D block on the ball carrier and a ghoul was able to swoop in to pick the ball up in 1 TZ. Two injuries to the humans (1 fixed by the apo) did little to make the situation for Jasper easier. With the Human formation compromised, the Undead were able to break down the right flank. The tide turned, though, as a ghoul managed to badly hurt himself by tripping over his own feet, and Unn the Deep Minded Zombie died - again. Thus Jasper was able to dodge in two players to blitz the ghoul carrying the ball. They succeeded with the Blitzer picking up the ball, but they were surrounded by two mummies and 3 other Undead players. Thus the respite was short, as a Mummy smashed the ball from the Human Blitzer, upon which the wight Harald Hard Ruler picked the ball up (again in 1 TZ) and dodged away for the score. 1-0.

With 10 vs 10 players, the humans had to play ultra aggressive to have a chance of an equalizer. A human blitzer thus tried to break down the flank, but quickly got marked. Jasper had a tiny window of opportunity in Turn 7 which he could have tried a long ball forward to the marked blitzer, but he decided not to take this long shot. The following turn, the blitzer’s face connected with a Mummy’s fist - the sole remaining lineman with a theoretical chance of reaching the endzone had political discussions with a wight, and that was that…

The second half was still 10 vs 10. Leading 1-0, I did not see the need to take any risks at all, so I was perfectly content to sit on the line of scrimmage, protect the ball, and exchange blows with Jasper. A fun positional battle, as we shuffled players back and forth trying to gain an advantage - though I had the huge advantage that a draw would mean I won. The exchange eventually fell out in my favor thanks to the Mummies, however, and Harald the Hard Ruler was able to slip into the human backfield unmarked. Bogged down, Jasper’s journeyman chose this moment to cause a turnover and that was that. One block opened up a lane through the center; the ball carrying ghoul could run forward to hand off, and Harald placed himself beyond the reach of any human player. 2-0.

Jasper played an excellent game, I think, but he was facing a superior team (he lacked a blitzer and I had a deeper bench, in addition to which Undead have the edge over Humans thanks to the 2 Mummies), slightly better luck (my pickups in particular were good again today), and for once I actually feel quite pleased with the game I played (mistakes were made, of course, but for once I don’t feel like I made any major blunders).

On the upside for Jasper, my Mummies once again managed to put on their veltet gloves… nothing but Badly Hurt and K/O’d players again.

I’m still waiting for Lykurgos to reply to my PM game invite.

Lykurgos, where are you?

[CENTER][B]Society for Cutting Up Men 2 - 0 Flying Skirrls

[/B][LEFT](Report might come later if I get the time. Anyway, a bashing party, but the 'Zon’s awful luck when it comes to taking nasty casualties continue.)

Any luck yet, marxeil?


Sorry! Unplanned business trip took me away and I cannot access QT3 from my work PC (ban on game-sites)

I’m back and replying!