Blood Omen 2 does suck. It really does

Just in case anyone was in doubt, Eidos’ Blood Omen 2 on the Playstation 2 isn’t worth your money. Mediocre clone of the famous Capcom action-adventure titles, riddled by poor animation (esp in the cut scenes), dull and repetitive environments (just like a PC game), a myriad of offensively stupid lever puzzles (also just like a PC game), a character that takes about five seconds to change from attack to block position despite his supposedly “super-human speed”, a save game function that doesn’t save your current weapon (gee thanks) combined with a level layout that makes it impossible for you to retrieve said weapon after restoring a game (gee thanks again), and a boss at the end of the second chapter that still had 95% of his hitpoints after I beat him up for two minutes. I quit at that point.

Honestly, I thin kthey’re just trying to sell the game to the T&A crowd. I’ve seen a bunch of free posters and high-gloss photos and full-age ads in the magazines that just show the sexy vampire in that skintight suit with her cleavage about to bust out.

It’s rather sad, really.

Uh, that’s Bloodrayne with the hot vampire chick. Blood Omen 2 is with the male vampire lord, Kain.

Ah… Blood-this and Blood-that… they’re all the same… :D

Actually, Blood Omen 2 also has a busty female vampire… she’s running the tutorial that comprises the first chapter. Haven’t seen her in any ads, though. BO2 attempts to sell on blood & brutality, not on T&A.

I would rather have had BO2 try and sell awesome story, characters, and atmosphere like the Soul Reaver series.

Isn’t BloodRayne sort of a spinoff of Terminal Reality’s Nocturne? I remember seeing some concept movies for their next game, circa 2000, which featured a lot of Splinter Cell / Doom3 style dynamic lighting. I guess that game turned out to be BloodRayne?

Yup. It uses the Nocturne II engine, and I -think- the BloodRayne character either is, or takes its inspiration from, the vampire with whom you were occasionally partnered in Nocturne.