Blood on the Clocktower Game 2 (complete)

Juan’s evil arguments keep making sense! (joking)

Craig should probably choose my targets, after the execution.


And replied to Craig.

I send some final smoke signals back

I also tap out morse code to reply to kane

and some more whispering with my secret cabal mates craig and matt

I’m doing my best to note all this whispering but it makes me tired.

I think we’re ready for nominations whenever @Lodgium is

Okay, nominations are officially open!

Something seems to be wrong with the post office, inquiry sent to @CraigM.

Repeats can probably be excluded, I guess.

Replied now. Had wrong name earlier, it was Lantz.

What I get for replying before my morning tea

So some cards on the table.

Matt has claimed recluse. There has been a drunk claimed to be in play. This means that there is either a baron in play, or Matt and the seer of drunks are evil. Which would also mean one of Jostly or Perky was poisoned. So that is a thing. 2/7 odds one of them got hit by the poisoner, one of them reported true, and Matt &other are evil.

Or the report is true, and there is a baron in play.

The person who is claiming the undertaker must be one of two roles. Undertaker or Spy. This is good.

Now to decide the fate of a man. Thats the hard part. Juan has a certain certainty, and based off the information he has shared it makes some sense. Trying to fit the facts to the pattern here.

There is one report that was wrong though. And not from role information. However there is a plausible explanation (role confusion in cryptic comms)

Testing out the spy-undertaker hypothesis.

This means Matt must actually be the recluse. Because Perky reported Scott as the demon, and Jostly reported Rowe as poisoner (removing the Lantz and me possibilities for obvious reasons). Since there are 3 evils, this means that either one of them must be drunk, Perky found the false reporting good player, or was randomly poisoned.

But none of that makes sense with Matts claim. Neither of Perky or Jostly are a suspected drunk. It is theoretically possible for Perky to have been randomly picked his false reporting fortune teller player, our undertaker to be the spy, and Matt to be the imp. Does that work? Hmm it kind of does. Except for the fact we have a good player saying there is a drunk. Which means that this player was poisoned. Which means Rowe or Jostly is the poisoner. I think this can fit all the facts, but is a rather… delicate balance. This is the only scenario I see that fits all the facts that does not have a trustworthy undertaker.

So thats encouraging. If our undertaker is the spy we got them! (Trouble is Matt as recluse would report as Demon to fortune teller anyhow)

Perkys power gives a false positive, so his reading means nothing until he gets the second positive.

And only if we can rule out poisoning.

My spy undertaker hypothesis, and less convoluted:
Jostly Imp
Undertaker Spy
There’s a Baron (Dunno who)
There’s no poisoner (Jostly’s report was to sow confusion)
Matt, Craig, Perky and me are who we claim. Perky got a false positive.

Otherwise the undertaker is most likely good.

If jostly is good the undertaker most definitely is too (three evils and we have Baron, poisoner -the only way to explain jostly’s reading as good-, and Imp)

So again, by killing jostly we resolve the undertaker-Spy conundrum (and if the undertaker is a Spy then jostly must be the Imp, since it’s the only other role who would know who to bluff as).

Indeed, either @Lantz or I could be Perky’s false positive. So it’s not clear to me at this point that there has to be a poisoner. Let’s get to the bottom of that report.

Anyway, I’ve stated my case.

The undertaker is either good (and can provide good info) or a spy.

By killing jostly we will solve that question. Jostly being good rules out a spy. Jostly being evil rules out the undertaker being a spy OR gives us the game.

I nominate @jostly

@jostly, you have been nominated for execution! Do you have anything to say in your defense?

There are more scenarios I can make for a baron and poisoner. Hmm

Can someone else confirm @Juan_Raigada’s logic regarding confirming the undertaker being better with Jostly versus rowe?

Yes, if jostly is good it means poisoner and Baron and we need to start relying on the undertaker to clear things out (because he would be guaranteed good then).

My logic:

1- there must be a Baron (you agree with me here)
2- if there’s a Baron possible drunks are identified. Jostly is not drunk
3- jostly being good means there’s a poisoner, so the undertaker is clear.
4- jostly being evil means he should be either Imp or spy to have guessed correctly who to bluff as, and since the undertaker must be the spy if evil, he is cleared OR we win because jostly is the Imp

Yes, but I need a moment to unwrap Craig’s infodump first.

You also need to explain why offing you is counterproductive given the above logic. It’s not about saving yourself but why something else would be better.