Blood on the Clocktower Game 2 (complete)

Has jostly claimed a role yet? I’ve revealed mine. I can’t unknowingly be the poisoner by some means, right?

Anyway, I have a whisper waiting for @CraigM when we are allowed to commence whispering again.

There’s another, no drunk, option that would make you and jostly good. It requires for indeed a poisoner to exist and have randomly targeted jostly.

So either jostly is the Imp or we have a poisoner.

There is no way for a member of the evil team to not know that they are evil, and there is no way for a member of the good team to not know they are good. (In Trouble Brewing, anyway)

If you can convince Craig you are good you’ll see how what I’m saying makes sense (he has my info).

I’m really not following this leap, sorry.

Yes, I’m the investigator. I’m the one who thinks you’re a poisoner (now that Craig is out of the count).

I guess I think we might be about to learn some stuff. We have a dead body and maybe an undertaker. We could have a murder. We could have maybe other info. I’m happy to wait and see what we get.

Ahh reading back it was between Craig and me being the poisoner per jostly. So either jostly is lying or he’s been randomly poisoned. Craig is the Virgin and I’m the Washerwoman. I know two other roles as well now, both Townsfolk.

Also if I’m the poisoner, would make little sense to put myself up for execution I think.

Sigh the there can’t be a Drunk faction is everywhere.


1- jostly claimed a role without whispering. That means he either is who he claims or knows who to bluff as (the Imp)
2- if he’s not the Imp he has identified a poisoner
3- he could have bad info dueto being poisoned (we still have a poisoner, just not Rowe)
4- the other options for the info he believes to be true to be not true are logically impossible. To know why this so you will need to wait or convince me, Craig or Matt the you are good so we can share certain info.

So, jostly = Imp or poisoner (I believe the poisoner thing is more likely.

…or he’s Drunk, or he rolled the dice to choose a bluff. But fair enough, I’ll wait and see. Thanks for explaining it.

I’ll convey my info to Craig when we can whisper again so at least he can confirm it at some point later.

Read my whole post, specially point 4.

Day 2 dawns: There were no deaths at night.

Town Square
@rowe33 Alive
@perky_goth Alive
@craigM Alive
@CaseyRobinson Alive
@scottagibson Alive
@jostly Alive
@Juan_Raigada Alive
@lantz Dead Has Vote Token
@CF_Kane Alive
@matt_w Alive

It seems we have a monk or a soldier here

@scottagibson whispers to @CraigM

Or I’m lying, yadda yadda.
Jostly and Casey came up clean, insert disclaimers again.

I’m starting to believe you might be good but made a very bad judgement call. But as I explained, your info right now can’t really be trusted (sadly, since it’s one of the best info we could have gotten).

@rowe33 whispers to @CraigM