Blood on the Clocktower Game 2 (complete)

Is there an undertaker in town? I think it would be helpful to know more about Lantz.

Don’t make it public. @Lantz should tell @CraigM in private, and the undertaker record it and share when possible without raising suspicions

I agree, but I think we can route public info like that through @CraigM

We don’t want another target for the poisoner to confuse us further

Yes, if Lantz reports his role to Craigm, and a hypothetical Undertaker does the same, Craig can tell if both are reliable.

In fact, we should probably all whisper our roles to @CraigM. I don’t think there’s any way for him to be evil at this point.

@CaseyRobinson whispers to @CraigM

I have already done so.

Lantz whispers to CraigM

@scottagibson whispers to @craigm again

Lantz’s death may just well save this town. Information overload for our Virgin though.

Probably we will all be waiting on Craig now.

Yes, sorry. When I planned a day trip to My St Helens with mu kids I did not anticipate… this timkng.

No worries, not a complaint at all. Enjoy!

jostly whispers to CraigM

Kane whispers to @CraigM.

Perfect timing for me, stops me staying up far too late to keep up with the game. :) I think I actually did a QT3 last night.

FYI, we went and looked at another one this morning and put down a deposit. We will soon be the proud owners of a 22’ 2000 Royal Classic! Sleeps 6, drives like a dream. My gf has been obsessively checking posting on 5 different sites. She contacted this one within minutes of it appearing; we went to look at it at earliest opportunity, and had to make a snap decision. The sellers already had 16 other potential buyers lined up. These things are selllllling.

So I just started reading @scottagibson’s book and it has me thinking that Craig can function as an anonymous message drop for us early in the game.

For instance, if we do have an undertaker they have been told my role. They can pass that to Craig to validate and also future determinations. As long as we all talked to Craig at least once a phase and he is careful about talking back to everyone, he can anonymize things for us.

Lol are you reading it on KU? I can see someone reading it.

I don’t have KU but reading a Kindle copy