Blood on the Clocktower Game 2 (complete)

Replies to CraigM

It’s not like the Fortune Teller is infallible, just a starting point for talk and abilities.

Whispers to Lantz

Guys you know whispering this early without really knowing who is who is really suspicious, don’t you?

As a side note (that I should probably add to the write-up at some point), if you include me in your whispers I can have a better idea of how the game is going, so I can try and use my (admittedly somewhat limited) storyteller discretion keep things from tipping too far out of balance.

Reply to Rowe

Sends a final semaphore to Perky

@scottagibson whispers to @Perky_Goth

CraigM posts a poster for @Juan_Raigada

And that’s the only whisper that makes sense so far.

Edit: talking about Scott’s.

What we know now is that both of Scott and Perky or Lantz and Perky are very unlikely to be evil.

It makes exactly the same amount of sense as my note to Perky

Edit: other than the fact Perky had mentioned Scott prior.

I would say it as: any two of those three might be on the same side, but all three of them are unlikely to be on the same side. That alternative would require a Recluse or a Drunk.

A recluse would likely have revealed at this point in this situation. Little reason to keep quiet

Yes, thus unlikely.

I am a townsfolk, but I would prefer not to reveal my role at this time.

Assuming everyone has started reading this thread at the same time.

Anwyay, I’m the investigator. I learned that one of CraigM and rowe33 is the poisoner. Which adds a whole other dimension of possibilities for

Kane whispers to @Perky_Goth.

Interesting, but a poisoner without communication with a spy on the first night isn’t going to have anything to work with, and would be randomly poisoning one of seven people. So, probably not a factor in @Perky_Goth’s report. I would toss that idea out.


Kane whispers to @scottagibson. Kane whispers to @jostly.

That does create a wrinkle. Which tells me one of two things. Either @rowe33 is the poisoner, or you a minion/ imp