Blood on the Clocktower Game 3 (Complete)

Welcome to Blood on the Clocktower, a game of social deduction, bluffing, and death!

A demon stalks the town of Ravenswood Bluff, killing citizens each night. It’s up to the loyal townsfolk to deduce which of them is secretly this demon and to execute them before they all succumb to its machinations.

We will be using the Trouble Brewing “script” for this game of Blood on the Clocktower. More information about which roles are available and what they do can be found here:

A “cheat sheet” with all of the possible roles and their abilities can be found here:

The Order of Operations at night can be found here:

The official rulebook is here:

And the official character almanac (mostly the same information as the wiki) is here:

Basic Gameplay:

Each Night Phase, the storyteller (that’s me) will message each player with an ability that functions during the night and resolve those abilities.

Each Day Phase begins with a report of who, if anyone, died the previous night. Then, players can discuss and share information. Finally, players can nominate one another to be executed.

  • Each individual player may only nominate someone for execution once each day
  • Each individual player may only be nominated for execution once each day

When nominated, a player will be given the opportunity to present a defense. After that, I will call for voting. Voting is done openly and in thread. Voting is done in player seating order, starting with the player one seat clockwise from the nominee, and proceeding clockwise around the circle such that the nominee is the last to vote. Once cast, a vote may not be changed. If you wish to vote before your turn, feel free to PM me with your voting instructions and I will insert them into the thread at the correct time. Open discussion is permitted during the voting period, Private discussion is not. After all players have voted, the votes will be counted. If there are a number of YES votes greater than or equal to half the number of living players, then the nominee is “about to die.” If not, then they are safe for that day.

After a vote ends, nominations continue. If another player is nominated and receives a greater number of YES votes than the player who is “about to die” then they become “about to die” instead. If another player receives the same number of YES votes as the player who is “about to die” then neither of them will be executed at day’s end.

The day ends when there are no further nominations, either because the players choose not to nominate anyone else, or because the players cannot legally nominate anyone else.

Note: There can only ever be one execution per day. This means that if a player’s ability executes someone (actually executes, not just kills them) during the day, the day will end immediately.


When a player dies, their ability ceases to function (unless otherwise noted), and they are given a vote token. They can spend this token to vote YES on any ONE nomination. Dead players can still participate in discussion and do not gain any new information upon death (unless their character ability states otherwise).

Victory conditions:

  • The GOOD team wins if there is no living demon. The EVIL team wins if there are only two players left alive, the demon and one other.
  • There are character abilities that can provide alternate victory/loss conditions. For this game those characters are the Mayor (good wins if there are three people alive and no execution) and the Saint (good loses if the saint is executed)

Role Categories:

  • Townsfolk: Townsfolk are on the GOOD team. Their abilities help their team achieve victory
  • Outsiders: Outsiders are on the GOOD team. Their abilities hinder their team. There are a limited number of outsiders in play based on the number of players in a game
  • Minions: Minions are on the EVIL team. Their abilities disrupt the good team or provide cover for the demon. The minions know who the demon is and who each other are, but don’t know the other minions’ specific roles.
  • Demon: The demon is on the EVIL team. The demon kills someone each night. If the demon dies, the evil team loses. The demon knows who the minions are and knows three roles which aren’t in play, but doesn’t know the minions’ specific roles.

Final notes:

This game allows for private conversations between players, so long as the fact that players are having a secret conversation is itself not a secret. To that end, if you are having a private conversation with another player about the game, please indicate in thread with a post such as “Player A whispers to Player B” or “Players A, B, and C are having a sidebar conversation” Please include me (the storyteller) in your whisper conversations.

Abilities that target players can target any player, living or dead.

Please let me know if things seem confusing or if I missed anything and I’ll be glad to clarify.

Turn order for this game:

Town Square
@matt_w [no vote token]
@ juan_raigada [no vote token]

Current list of players

@ Juan_Raigada, @Matt_W, @CF_Kane, @scottagibson, @lantz, @rowe33, @jostly, @perky_goth, @CaseyRobinson, @CraigM, @soondifferent

Edit: Grumble grumble can only @ 10 people at a time, grumble grumble

Previous players that may be interested

Yeah I’m down

Sorry, my cognitive skills have left the building today. Hopefully I get them back.

If you get them back before we start, let me know. I can even potentially bring people in partway into a game (there’s a special role category for it, called travelers) if folks are amenable.

Speaking of that, how about @Jorn_Weines, still travelling?

Yeah, had a dental procedure today so was a bit backed up getting to this. But I’m in

Groovy. I will wait a bit more time before setting things up, partly because I want more people to have the chance to sign up, and partly because I’m running a pathfinder 2e game tonight and I’m giving that most of my focus.

Speaking of which,


I know this isn’t BSG or Avalon, but mayhaps it tickles your fancy? If not, please forgive the poke from nowhere.

Thanks for the heads up @Lodgium! was always interested but missed the sign up for the previous two games. Count me in!

Oh, excellent! I’m glad I caught you, then!

@Lodgium if you want to be a participant at some point and can point us in the direction of the resources you’re using to run these I’m sure we could arrange a narration rotation. You’re really good at it and I’m having a blast with these games, but don’t want you to get burned out :)

I’d be happy to join the narration rotation.

Because I have kids who just watched 101 Dalmations

We’ll have a narration rotation
Where our population can phone
If this new rotation
Our whole aggregation
Will love our narration home
Narration rotation home!

I’d be happy to let other people have a go at being the storyteller at some point if they want to try their hand at it, but I must confess that while I very much enjoy being the storyteller, I don’t actually like being a player all that much. Also, I’m pretty far from burnout at this point. I’ll let you know long before I get there.

That being said, I’m beginning the game 3 setup now. 11 players is, 7 townsfolk, 1 outsider, 2 minions, 1 demon.

Night 1 has begun. I’m posting the town square now (so people know who their neighbors are, etc.), and I’ll post the full thing when day breaks.

Still gone, probably until over the weekend.

So that I’m clear, we are 7 townsfolk, 1 outsider, 2 minions and 1 demon?

You’ve got it.