Blood on the Clocktower Game 3 (Complete)

Ah, missed that one, thanks!

All that assuming no baron, of course.

Will be interesting to see if the certainty of an outsider plays havoc with things.

I am checking in but decline to discuss my role at this time other than say that I am a townsfolk.

@Lantz is the Imp!

Kidding :)

(or am I)?

We’re not supposed to discuss our roles during the first night :) (or so I assume, based on the videos of real games I’ve seen)

Lantz is the Imp: confirmed!

I am dumb, my bad. At least I didn’t do something.

That’s correct. Although “I don’t what to publicly tell people what I am right now” isn’t exactly game-changing information.

Sure, but it might have encouraged someone else to comment. Apologies for gun jumping.

Day 1 dawns, as the townsfolk find the corpse of thier storyteller impaled upon the massive hands of the old clock overlooking the town square. It seems as though your worst fears have come true, there is a demon hiding among you and it seems intent on offing the loyal citizens of Ravenswood Bluff one by one until only it (and those sworn into its service) remain.

Town Square
@matt_w Alive
@CF_kane Alive
@juan_raigada Alive
@scottagibson Alive
@perky_goth Alive
@CaseyRobinson Alive
@soondifferent Alive
@ lantz Alive
@rowe33 Alive
@craigM Alive
@jostly Alive

Okay, this is too useful as one-time info to hold close.

I am the Investigator, and one of @CraigM or @jostly is the Baron.

So we likely have 3 outsiders rather than 1. Unless of course I got a bad signal.

Edit: The usual caveats apply, of course. Maybe I’m really the Drunk. Maybe one of those two guys is the Recluse. Maybe I’m randomly poisoned.

I’m a Townsperson, not an Outsider.

I am also a townsperson, not an outsider. I do not think it would be prudent to share my role at this time.

Let me join the chorus of townsperson, not outsider.

Only possible if you’re poisoned, Craig or jostly is the Recluse, or you’re lying. And that’s a hard one to lie about, since we’d expect to see at least two outsiders identify themselves.

It would be helpful if outsiders could identify themselves right away.

If there really is a Baron, then the odds for any one of the outsider roles is very very high. We should probably assume that we have each role for the purposes of analysis. Yes I know that’s 4 not 3 but I mean as a caveat to anything we are deducing.

I could be Drunk, too.

Good point. We’ll know more when everyone checks in. I’m a townsfolk.

Another townsfolk! How…charming.

Well I don’t believe Scott is lying, more so than anyone else really. At least it makes sense with the fact I am an… outsider.

I am considering the implications currently of revealing which one. For now I am going to hold off, while I verify some things.

It is also possible I am drunk, but that is also an outsider