Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

The trick for the Failures is that the only thing shields are good for in Bloodborne is blocking magic damage. Block the meteors with a shield. Abusing visceral attack invincibility will also go a long way.

I just tried Living Failures again for about 30 minutes. It’s starting to be this funny thing, I can’t quite believe that of all places in Bloodborne, this is the one that I’m stuck on? Really? Each Living Failure is so easy to dodge, so easy to beat. But there’s a few of them at the same time, and when you combine dodging them, using the shield, running around to get better positioning, it just all feels really easy, and yet, I can get close but I can never actually win this fight. I don’t really believe it. It just feels each time that I just get unlucky, and if I just tried it again, I’d get next time for sure since I can’t get unlucky the same way again.

lol I don’t know what to say this is the easiest boss of the game :) Though the one right after was the hardest for me.

Yeah, I took those guys out on the first try and questioned why they were even considered a boss. I hate to be that guy but damn, son :)

That’s one of the many great things about these games, though. Eventually they’ll find your weak spot. Don’t take it too hard. If you got past the base game and Ludwig you already got gud. This is pretty funny, though.

And yeah, good luck with the rest of the dlc bosses, lol.

I guess the best advice is to make sure you to enough damage to the little guys before they overwhelm you, so level up and increase your dps as much as you can.

All this Sekiro talk lead me back to Bloodborne last night.

Back to dying to Living Failures. This time I hope I stick with it until they’re dead.

Dude did you kill those failures or what.

Not yet. I didn’t get to try this weekend. Two weekends ago, I did get in some more practice. My Bloodborne skills are very rusty, so the Living Failures are actually a good place to practice, since I’m constantly trying to be aware of who is firing at me, and trying to dodge attacks and not push the attacks too much before backing off.

My youngest daughter recently bought a PS4 so I plan on getting Bloodborne a chance in the future.

That’s awesome, looking forward to mine being ready for that sort of thing! My youngest daughter recently needed a little help wiping after she got some poop all over her hand. I feel they may be at different places in their lives.

Playing Sekiro has made me miss Bloodborne and its predecessors. I keep longing for a full replay of all the Souls games, though unless the first comes out on PS4, will have to start with Dark Souls instead.

My youngest is 26 and while she still may have that problem she no longer calls on me for help. :)

Started this up last night during a crazy thunderstorm. Figured I’d lose power, and didn’t want to chance losing progress so near the end of my DS2 run.

It was quite the thing, playing this game in pitch-darkness, rain hammering against the windows, pinging off my chimney caps. A flash of lightening here, a mean rumble of thunder there. Pretty ideal!

This game’s reputation being what it is, coming when it did during the Souls cycle, I guess it’s no surprise I’m loving it. What did surprise me is how quickly I got a feel for it, how deeply invested in the world I am, and just how much fun I’m having so soon after starting.

Started as a Professional. Picked up the cleaver and pistol.

The combat is so, so good. The variety of attacks, plus the ability to transform, makes this starting weapon surprisingly deep. The parry window seems generous. That you can do it from a distance is awesome. I feel like I did in Sekiro, standing my ground waiting for the attack, so I can parry and land a counter, instead of backing/running away, or eyeing the enemy cautiously behind a shield. I do tend to lose track of my stamina when I’m swinging wildly, something I’m going to pay better attention to. The backstab seems a bit finicky, in that I have a hard time sneaking successfully. I get like mid-charge before they turn around and start attacking.

God the world is bleak. Creepy laughter from behind barricaded doors. Burning monsters tied to crucifixes. Sick and lost and wary locals too scared or cautious to even open a window or door, telling me stories of lost/missing loved ones, or cursing my very presence. Inhuman sounds from enemies, along with pleas as they die. I even came across a brute of a thing standing in front of a door seemingly pleading with someone inside (it’s sister?).

I don’t think I made much progress. Didn’t fight a boss. Just spent a long time exploring the starting area. I ended up in some open-air sewer section, fighting ungodly things. And of course rats. Lots of rats. I think I spotted a giant rat at the end of one particularly harrowing stretch of sewer, but I was sitting on a large chunk of blood echoes, and didn’t want to chance it. I felt lost and scared, with no idea how to get back to the one lamp I’d lit, and it was fucking great.

I haven’t read much about the game, so I’m about as blind as you can be for a game that came out four years ago, so a lot of the basics (like leveling up, weapon upgrades, weapon choices, armor/clothes, multiplayer, insight!?!?) seem inscrutable at the moment.

If there is anything you guys think I need to know, I’m all ears.

I think it’s good to have as little advice going in as possible. I’ll give you two really basic suggestions but aside from these I think you’ve played enough of these games to figure it out on your own.

Pick strength or skill as a primary offensive stat for your first game (no respecs in this one). And buy extra blood vials often when you return to the hub. As the game goes on their price increases and fewer enemies drop them so you really can’t have too many.

Enjoy, this is on a very short list of choices for my favorite game and the dlc is right up there with original Dark Souls as one of the best add ons ever.

I think I already screwed up. I started as a skill character, but picked the saw cleaver, and while I did find the spear cleaver at some point, I had already spent all my blood shards upgrading the saw, which I now see has better strength scaling.

I suppose I should have started with the cane…or saved my shards until I knew wtf I was doing.

So psyched.

Early choices shouldn’t be a big deal, you’ll find plenty of blood shards to upgrade multiple weapons. The top line improvements require a different resource that’s very rare. That’s where you have to make the real choice between the different weapons, on which ones you want to have the top upgrade.

That’s good to know.

How hard is it to find the other starter weapons? I assume they are drops at some point, like in Dark Souls.

I’m so early on I may just restart and pick the cane.

You can buy them, they’ll cost basically nothing.

I found the other starter weapons fairly early. You’ll find a cane soon enough. I think I started with the saw, then people recommended trying the Axe, so when I finally found the axe, I switched to that because it was indeed great.

Yeah there are a lot of great weapons in Bloodborne and like the others said you’ll eventually be able to buy the upgrade materials so have fun with it.

I really like weapons with a good transform attack, like the Kirkhammer. L1 transforms your weapon, but instead of backing off to switch forms try tossing an L1 in between R1s. You’ll actually attack while switching. Very satisfying to do on weapons that support it.