Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor


Here’s how I did it. Took me a lot of tries and I didn’t know about the limb weakness. I just went for the groin. (always a good strat in life)



There’s no way, no way that’s the same boss I fought. That Paarl is positively anemic compared to mine. Also his head is way high, whereas when I fought him it was low enough that you couldn’t ever walk underneath him from directly in front, you had to go around his head. After a few hits he would jump almost to the other side of the area.

There simply must, as I’ve seen suggested several places, have been a patch that changed his behavior. By the time I beat him, I had memorized his movements and physique in a way I hadn’t done since Darkeater Midir.



On second thought, I don’t want to be that guy. Perhaps I just was to stubborn and not open enough to learning his patters. I will say almost every subsequent boss has been a total breeze for me. I haven’t finished the game yet, but the other difficult encounters for me were Ludwig and the shark twins in the well in the hamlet. At least with Ludwig the NPC summon is an absolute boss. The Paarl npc died within 3/4 health left on Paarl whenever I tried using him.



Actually when the game came out there was a memory bug that would cause enemies to use only basic attacks if you didn’t restart the game now and then. Not sure if that would explain the difference.

The hardest boss for me was Ebrietas.



The hardest boss for me was Ebrietas.

Haven’t gotten there yet :)

I’m dragging my feet, dreading finishing this game cause there’s nothing else I want to play between now and Cyberpunk/Sekiro



Ran through the game over the last couple weeks. It was a blast! Played a lot of Nioh over the winter, and was starting to get that itch again so figured I would give Bloodborne a try. The games are really different, but both pretty amazing.

Finished the game on my first run, now going through NG+ and getting cracking on the DLC. As others have said the DLC is great, but I just got through the Failures and now the boss immediately after them is absolutely kicking my ass. Like a lot of bosses first stage is not too bad (but if I’m not on my game I’ll get crushed in two to three moves), second stage is tough, and then third stage I feel like I can’t do anything. Burned through a lot of vials and bullets so might need to go do a little farming and maybe some stat boosting.

Primarily using the Chikage which is a ton of fun. The health drain is a definite risk vs reward system, but now that I’m starting to get my bloodtinge up I can do some serious damage.

One of the few games where I’ve really needed a guide at times. Forgetting how to get to the Forbidden Woods, stuff like that. I do appreciate how little hand holding there is with the lack of level maps, waypoints etc., but sometimes you just have no idea what to do. But, getting super into the lore.



I’m still stuck on the Failures. I occasionally give it a go.



It’s so odd how this game some people struggle with some bosses, but cruise through others.

Ludwig took me a long, long time and I ended up having to call in NPC help. After that I thought the Failures weren’t too bad. This was what I did:

Some of them are aggressive and will chase you to swing at you, others just shoot magic. The magic is not too hard to dodge if you are sprinting. So I spent most of the fight not locked on. I would try and draw a bunch of the more aggressive ones over to a side. Then sprint over to an open one who was blasting magic off, hit them in the ankles a few times and repeat. When they start making the screen dark and bringing down comets I make sure I’m at full health and try frantically not to get hit.

Boss after the failures is really cool. Super hard (for me), but it’s a great fight.

@nihm, I had the same problem with Paarl. Absolutely thrashed me. Turned out I had got to him at a relatively low level. Went out and continued some other quests, bulked up, came back and I think beat him on my first try. Going through whatever armor you have and taking the pieces with the best Bolt defense definitely helps too.



The trick for the Failures is that the only thing shields are good for in Bloodborne is blocking magic damage. Block the meteors with a shield. Abusing visceral attack invincibility will also go a long way.



I just tried Living Failures again for about 30 minutes. It’s starting to be this funny thing, I can’t quite believe that of all places in Bloodborne, this is the one that I’m stuck on? Really? Each Living Failure is so easy to dodge, so easy to beat. But there’s a few of them at the same time, and when you combine dodging them, using the shield, running around to get better positioning, it just all feels really easy, and yet, I can get close but I can never actually win this fight. I don’t really believe it. It just feels each time that I just get unlucky, and if I just tried it again, I’d get next time for sure since I can’t get unlucky the same way again.



lol I don’t know what to say this is the easiest boss of the game :) Though the one right after was the hardest for me.



Yeah, I took those guys out on the first try and questioned why they were even considered a boss. I hate to be that guy but damn, son :)

That’s one of the many great things about these games, though. Eventually they’ll find your weak spot. Don’t take it too hard. If you got past the base game and Ludwig you already got gud. This is pretty funny, though.

And yeah, good luck with the rest of the dlc bosses, lol.



I guess the best advice is to make sure you to enough damage to the little guys before they overwhelm you, so level up and increase your dps as much as you can.



All this Sekiro talk lead me back to Bloodborne last night.

Back to dying to Living Failures. This time I hope I stick with it until they’re dead.




Dude did you kill those failures or what.



Not yet. I didn’t get to try this weekend. Two weekends ago, I did get in some more practice. My Bloodborne skills are very rusty, so the Living Failures are actually a good place to practice, since I’m constantly trying to be aware of who is firing at me, and trying to dodge attacks and not push the attacks too much before backing off.



My youngest daughter recently bought a PS4 so I plan on getting Bloodborne a chance in the future.



That’s awesome, looking forward to mine being ready for that sort of thing! My youngest daughter recently needed a little help wiping after she got some poop all over her hand. I feel they may be at different places in their lives.

Playing Sekiro has made me miss Bloodborne and its predecessors. I keep longing for a full replay of all the Souls games, though unless the first comes out on PS4, will have to start with Dark Souls instead.



My youngest is 26 and while she still may have that problem she no longer calls on me for help. :)