Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

Not that I know of but I’m pretty sure there is a Sony sale coming up on the 13th so set yourself a reminder to check then.

If you’re a premium member of PS Deals you can get DLC alerts. It seems a safe bet to me, though, that if the DLC is on sale, the base game will be, too, so set an alert for that.

I just got a PS4 because my girlfriend, who’s been wanting a Switch since forever, refused to get herself a Switch for graduation unless I got a PS4 for myself, which, ok whatever. Was going to impluse buy this with the 20% off code that came with the system, but apparently the fuckers who sold it to me through Amazon gave me a Canadian PS4, because the code won’t work in the USA, which, like, why are these things even country locked. Anyway, Sony says they can’t issue me another code, so I guess they aren’t getting my money right now! I’ll wait for a sale, and they can have $12 instead of $28.

I am confused by this relationship dynamic, but it all seems pretty win/win to me. =)

I can’t seem to tag the base Bloodborne for a sale alert (to hopefully alert me of the DLC) as I already own it. I will keep any eye out on the 13th, but let me know if you spot it later as you try to get Canadian coupon revenge (pretty messed up deal, sorry).

That’s just the kind of lady she is.

I have an alert set up, so I’ll let you know if and when it triggers.

Hey @Chaplin, Old Hunters is on sale for 50% off right now (the base game and bundle, too, but those aren’t relevant to you).

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll grab it tonight.

On a related note for when I do my replay/next play, is the DLC a post or parallel game thing? I just hear it’s really good and I never got to the end of Bloodborne. I am thinking since I forgot so much, I might as well start again with a different weapon. I did Hunters Axe the first time and really liked it, but maybe something else would be cool. But does that mean I can do Old Hunt stuff early and maybe use its weapons?

It is not a post-game thing. This article lays out the (obtuse, as it says) path to accessing it, if you want that:

I don’t think it can be done early. I’m not aware of any scaling in these games, though some might exist I suppose. I entered the Old Hunter’s area pretty late in the game (I think I was almost finished, but I can’t be sure), and I’m definitely having a tough time in there for the last (checks notes) 16 months. (To be fair, I only played the DLC for 4 months, but got stuck on a boss, and I’m still stuck there).

The old hunters is definitely a late game area. You’ll be able to access it after Vicar Amelia, but if you jump into it there in a new game, you’ll get chewed up.

By the way, did anyone have a good time with this weapon? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it looks freakin’ cool as hell, but I had a really tough time trying to kill enemies with it. I just switched back to my axe after an hour or two.

Yeah it’s amazing.

It’s probably the worst of the DLC weapons off the top of my head. Except maybe those magic ones.

This time around the Cleric Beast gave me more trouble. I unthinkingly summoned Fr. G and figured I may as well use him since I spent the Insight, and it was still a fairly near thing. I am not sure I am good enough for this game.

Cleric Beast remains one of the toughest boss fights I’ve had in this game.

Most giant bosses will be pretty bad due to the camera. I definitely got a bit nervous every time I had to fight Cleric Beast with a new character. But usually I made it out in a few tries.

Argh, Father Gascoigne. First phase is easy, second phase, argh.

Edit: It turns out not running away was the secret the whole time. Didn’t even use the music box.

BSB in the can after two tries. Alfred helped, as did the Flamesprayer. On to Amelia, and after that I’m in uncharted territory.

Edit: Actually I’m already in uncharted (and very cool) territory after getting punched in the face by a guy. Neat.

One sort of odd grouse: I wish the sound levels in this game were more consistent. The basic sounds like hitting enemies are very loud, and yet the NPC voices were quite soft, so I turned down the one and turned up the other, but the doll’s voice is for some reason much louder than basically any other NPC. Music is usually very much in the background, so I turned it to max, and as a result my fight with Amelia right now was more or less a silent film, because the music completely drowned out the sound effects.

Edit: as an aside, although it seems I am more or less talking to myself at this point, I think Hail the Nightmare may be the best piece of music I have ever heard in a game.

Forbidden Woods sucks. Why is there always an area like this?

Edit: Martyr Logarius is the worst boss like…ever.