Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

Yeah it’s amazing.

It’s probably the worst of the DLC weapons off the top of my head. Except maybe those magic ones.

This time around the Cleric Beast gave me more trouble. I unthinkingly summoned Fr. G and figured I may as well use him since I spent the Insight, and it was still a fairly near thing. I am not sure I am good enough for this game.

Cleric Beast remains one of the toughest boss fights I’ve had in this game.

Most giant bosses will be pretty bad due to the camera. I definitely got a bit nervous every time I had to fight Cleric Beast with a new character. But usually I made it out in a few tries.

Argh, Father Gascoigne. First phase is easy, second phase, argh.

Edit: It turns out not running away was the secret the whole time. Didn’t even use the music box.

BSB in the can after two tries. Alfred helped, as did the Flamesprayer. On to Amelia, and after that I’m in uncharted territory.

Edit: Actually I’m already in uncharted (and very cool) territory after getting punched in the face by a guy. Neat.

One sort of odd grouse: I wish the sound levels in this game were more consistent. The basic sounds like hitting enemies are very loud, and yet the NPC voices were quite soft, so I turned down the one and turned up the other, but the doll’s voice is for some reason much louder than basically any other NPC. Music is usually very much in the background, so I turned it to max, and as a result my fight with Amelia right now was more or less a silent film, because the music completely drowned out the sound effects.

Edit: as an aside, although it seems I am more or less talking to myself at this point, I think Hail the Nightmare may be the best piece of music I have ever heard in a game.

Forbidden Woods sucks. Why is there always an area like this?

Edit: Martyr Logarius is the worst boss like…ever.

Not so! I’m still working my way through BB, but it’s been slow going because my game has turned into full co-op with a friend, and I’ve been away from home for most of June.

Are you playing the game with headphones? After a few hours of using my TV speakers, I transitioned to headphones and haven’t had any issues.

Oh I haven’t gotten to this guy yet. My friend and I are hungup on Ebrietas. I think we missed a few areas and need to backtrack…

Nearing what feels like the end of BB, and as I’ve done with DS1 and DS2, I’m starting to sketch out a plan to close out the game. I don’t know why my mind gets all jumbled near the end of these games, but I tend to start feeling very lost. Maybe it’s just that I don’t want to miss anything.

So, here’s my tentative plan:

Defeat the One Reborn and Ebreitas.
Hit up Cainhurst Castle.
Finish up The Nightmare Frontier.
Mop up remaining hunter-type mini-bosses (Iosefka and the impossible hunter inside the Grand Cathedral).
End Area.

Logarius and Ebritas are both optional bosses but I like both of those areas a lot. For some reason Logarius was way harder for me than he probably should be, just took me a long time to recognize his spells and react. Spent an embarrassing amount of attempts on that fight.

On the other hand Ebritas is one I often see listed as the hardest in the base game and somehow I managed it on 2 tries.

Stop making me want to play BB again you jerks (jk don’t stop).

My friend and I got it down to like half health on our third try but then we fucked up and died. Feels like an endurance test and I suspect we’re a bit under leveled.

I am not at Ebrietas yet. I may have just gotten to Logarius early. A while back I decided I would never have a PS4 and never be able to play this game (since I wasn’t going to pony up $20 a month for PSNow), so I read a lot about it. I kind of wish I’d gone in blind, because it would have been pretty cool to figure out how to get to Cainhurst on your own, although I’ll bet there is a lot I would have missed. Maybe I got to Logarius a little early. I did give him a go last night and got him down to like 25% health, so I can see how it will be doable. The hardest part is getting those damned viscerals. Fought the One Reborn last night, and beat it in one go. Always surprises me when that happens (also did for the Bloody Crow, although I would enjoy the Crowfeather Garb more if it wasn’t divided in the back…probably stick with Gascoigne’s).

I’m amazed you guys remember all these names. Do you have to look them up before you post?

Hey, I was in the Nightmare Frontier when I went to the DLC (where I still am). So the Nightmare Frontier is not the final area I guess.

This post has inspired me to hopefully try to kill The Living Failures tonight. (See? Now that’s a name I didn’t have to look up. Ok, I lied, I called them Living Nightmares, then went up thread to see if I was right).

I’ve played the game a half dozen times and the story is one of my favorites in games so it’s pretty easy to remember for me.

What weapon are you using? I did this guy (Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, although I have no idea how you would know that name without looking it up) last night, and it only took two tries because the big form of Ludwig’s Holy Blade was very good at poking him from a distance. Was an intense and interesting fight that really kept me on my toes. This is the kind of fight I really like in these games. In comparison, Logarius just feels kinda like bullshit.

I found Martyr Logarius to be one of the more challenging, yet fair, fights in my playthrough. Really thought he was well done.

I loved the pizza cutter!

Ok, reached Ebrietas. She sucks, but not as bad as Logarius. For once the summon seems worthless.