Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

Hey he warned you.

That he did. And every time you die he rubs it in your face. :)

So I think I kind of goofed setting up my character. I always go endurance and dex first, and the weapon I chose (and really like using) is a strength weapon. I may farm and grind my str up to my skill stat at least.

Also I hate poison in these games, I really do. My left hand just can’t handle the button changes required to switch inventory items. I always need to look at the controller while I do it, which gets me in trouble.

This is going on my (Yarnham-style) tombstone.

Do I have to kill the Blood Starved Beast before I can get into the Healing Church?

Also, I killed the Vicar, have ventured to the first bonfire in the Hemwick area and it appears there have been some changes triggered. Enemies in a few spots have disappeared. Didn’t know they did that in this game.

BSB is optional. You killed Amelia which means you probably touched the…thing, right? Definitely triggers changes. I actually ended up going to Hemwick before that, and it sounds like I saved myself some pain by so doing.

I had thought BSB was optional, and after several attempts moved on, but the door in the Cathedral that hides the elevator to the Healing Church apparently (according to the wiki) opens when BSB is killed.

I have taken out the Hemwick Witches now. An easy if confusing fight. I also am at the first bonfire in the lecture hall.

Hmm, I don’t think that elevator gates forward progress although it has been a while.

The church is also optional :) But very worth seeing, as it contains some decent gear unlocks. Though the real good stuff is locked until later on.

So I have found three different paths leading out from the Cathedral. Plus this area seems to be where you send NPC’s you meet, so I am guessing this is like Firelink Shrine or Majula, although you have to do all your leveling and gear stuff in the Hunters Dream.

Yes, all the NPCs congregate there. As long as you send them there*

*Except the liar guy who goes to the opposite location you tell him to go

So I watched a video of a guy today who thought he was going to be fighting the Vicar, but instead he ended up fighting a Snatcher who sent him to the other place (I can’t remember the name), damn was he pissed off at the shit he ran into there. He did eventually get out. Maybe I am better off not having beat the BloodStarvedBeast and unleashing the Snatchers.

By the way, have you ever seen the various effects having great quantities of Insights produces? The monster in the Cathedral area becomes visible, and some of the enemies become much harder. Also you get to see little ones in surprising areas. This game seems to have a lot of extra shit going on. :)

Insight is…mostly bad as the more of it you have, the lower your Frenzy resistance…AKA Winter lanterns/Brain trusts are going to fuck you up almost instantly and you’ll learn to hate them. Fortunately they only appear in Nightmares.

Okay, I fired this up again, but I totally forgot what I need to do to start leveling up…

Okay, never mind. Figured it out.

And awesome. I accidentally summoned an NPC Father Gascoigne in an area where I’d already cleared out all of the enemies and wasted my only insight. Spectacular.

Don’t worry about this, there’s negatives for having too high of an insight.

But I need at least one to level up, right?

I did that exact same thing. But it doesn’t take long for Insight to be plentiful. There is an object (Madman’s Knowledge?) that can be converted to Insight. You also get Insight with every Boss encounter.

Yes. But having had it you may be okay. I am not sure how that works. If not just run into the first boss on a suicide run and then you will get an Insight. Of course you won’t have any Blood Echoes then. :)

I have never done this, but from what I have read if you had that Insight and spoke to the Doll, if you temporarily lose it she won’t speak anymore but you can still level up at her. Speedrunners supposedly use this to skip her (annoying) little speech every single time they want to level up.

I don’t know if you’ve ever played this before, maybe I should spoiler the above.