Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

So I finally found The One Reborn. The run there is crazy long and covered with possible problems. After three tries I decided to take a break for the day.

Best as in worse! The bosses also suck. I try to get through those last two areas as fast as possible. Just forget about trying to clear out any of the enemies, run passed everything…the true mark of a shit area.

Thankfully, there IS a hidden shortcut that nearly bypasses everything.

I have found what I thought was the shortcut. Down the elevator, down the stairs past the bone boar, up the stairs, across the bridge to the left, down the ladder to the fog door.

Now there is a something there, a “bath” that teleports you someplace that I haven’t fully explored. What is up with that? And another run thru a building that pops out in the middle of the bone boars.

My first time through this, I beat the Cleric Beast on my first try. Now… I can’t seem to avoid a single one of his attacks. I have the camera unlocked, and try to stay behind him, but I just get caught up on the environment and my dodges go right into his swings.

I feel like this revisit will probably peter out soon so maybe I’ll just start summoning.

The camera is terrible in the Cleric Beast fight. Probably the worst of any boss I have fought to date.

Okay, I have found out how the “bath” short cut works. Why did they need to do that I wonder?

The One Reborn is reborn no longer. Change of gear and a slight change in weapon fortification and he went down fairly easy. And now I am back in the lecture hall.

I was not a fan of Floor 2 of the Lecture Hall. No, sir.

I am tempted to go down the ladder, enter the lecture hall and see how many blood echoes I would get for killing everything in that first floor lecture room. They don’t like the flamethrower. :)

It’s around 19k with runes I think.

Pretty close but not quite.

So WTF is up with the Micolash (or whatever) fight. I get him half way down in a super easy fight, knowing full well some change is about to take place where I get my ass handed to me, and he runs out of the room and I never see him again. I searched for 10 minutes probably and finally just homeward boned out because I had no idea WTF to do.

I guess that’s why wiki’s and youtube exist?

Oh my god that fight was so annoying. You just have to chase him, I think. I can’t really remember, but that fight was not fun.

No it’s amazing and so is Micolash. The arena you fight him in changes, so after he flees you want to run out the door and head up the stairs. There will be a new doorway on the top floor that leads to a staircase. One path takes you to some loot, the other takes you to a new area where you’ll find Micolash, who will try to run away from you. You’ll need to chase him into a corner again to be able to finish the fight.

I don’t think you know what that word means. :)

The atmosphere and Micolash’s ranting are great. Hearing those otherwise great lines for the tenth time because I can’t find the golden path through this goddamn maze is not. After a minute or two they should have had the little guys that hold up the messages (can’t remember the name) direct you to the correct path in increasing numbers until you can’t possibly miss it.

In fact they are called messengers.

I love that you can put hats on them.

The last critical path boss is the strongest of the bunch but still isn’t that great. The One Reborn and Micolash suck start-a-leaf blower. Unseen Village and Nightmare of Mensis are terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ideas here, not the execution.

Why not let them be happy and revel as babes?

If you’re talking about Mergo’s Wet Nurse I think that was my favorite boss of the whole game.

But the best bosses are clearly in the DLC! It has 3 amazing bosses and 1 dud.