Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

If you only play games at 60fps then you must not get to play a lot of games. Yeesh.

This entire 60 vs 30 thing has always baffled me, I have to admit.

I’m not a 60FPS zealout but I found the difference between 30fps and 60fps pretty noticeable in that demo.

I don’t own a console and most of the games I play I can run at 60 fps :). It’s one of those things where I’m not willing to compromise, same as with FoV in first person shooters.

That said, I read that (some) TVs adjust refresh rate to match the output signal so it’s probably less jarring than playing at 30 fps on a 60hz lcd monitor. Maybe nvidia’s g-sync will solve this issue. It’s not just that though, inputs are parsed every 33 ms in a 30 fps game and every 16.6 at 60 fps. When you’ve played fast paced fps games for a long time you can tell the difference :).

Can’t wait for this one. Two things if anyone happens to know - are there shields and can you lock on to an enemy? I’ve heard rumblings that no, you don’t get shields and given the Souls background I can’t imagine there won’t be locking on. But that last one is huge if it’s not there. No lock on is what’s killing my enjoyment of Monster Hunter on the WiiU (unless you can lock on in Monster Hunter and I just don’t know how).

Supposedly no shields. I’m not sure about lack of block. The off hand shotgun works as a short range interupt/stagger though, so a bit like a ranged parry is what I’m getting from reading impressions.

More details from Dengeki’s interview with Miyazaki here:

Choice quotes on weaponry / combat:

[Miyazaki] was more forthcoming about the potential that the Gothic/Victorian-inspired setting of Yharnam offers him as a creator. Akin to how Demon’s Souls went the medieval route because the combat flowed in a more passive manner, as typified by the game’s array of iconic swords and shields, Miyazaki believes that the Victorian-laden trappings of Yharnam are a natural fit for Bloodborne‘s comparatively more proactive combat style. Indeed, in his eyes, the prominent use of metalwork coupled with clothing made of fabrics helps convey the game’s philosophy of forcing players to be more engaged in fighting compared to his previous works. According to him, the setting is also what enables him to add guns to the game without needing to turn it into an outright shooter. Visually speaking, he also says that the game is loosely modeled after Eastern Europe, with some research trips conducted in Romania and the Czech Republic.

In line with the game’s emphasis on proactive fighting, combat is said to be about forcing openings and getting done what needs to be done before the opposition has a chance to get what they’re after. Being passive like in a Souls game, Miyazaki warns, serves to only get players killed that much faster. Guns in the game are meant to be especially emblematic of that approach, with the shotgun that’s been shown being particularly fitting given how its primary usefulness is, as expected, in close quarters. Indeed, it can be used for a variety of purposes such as getting enemies to let their guard down, counter attacks, and engaging groups of enemies, among other things. While long-distance attacks aren’t without their uses, Miyazaki implores that they aren’t the primary function of guns and that allowing for that would detract from his desired set of combat dynamics, especially since, again, he doesn’t want the game to be played like a shooter.

More stuff at the link. There’s also a confirmation of character customization including gender/face selection, as well as unique multiplayer.

I’m sure combat will be very good, but it is kind of a shame they are going away from the slow, deliberate pacing. There aren’t really any other games out there like that, unless there are some obscure console games I’m unaware of.

Yeah, that’s a pretty bad demo for your point, Bleed =p

That’s not to say 30 isn’t acceptable for me either - if the choice is between 30 with higher settings and 60 with lower, I usually go with 30. But something absolutely critical with 30 FPS is that you basically cannot afford any FPS drops. A 60->30 drop remains playable, though suboptimal. A 30->20 or even 30->25 is really problematic for playability.

Anecdotally, back in college, my roommate and I played BFBC2. He originally had a laptop barely capable of 30 FPS. He performed notably better when playing on my desktop, or when his laptop overheated and died, on its more powerful replacement.

Guys, no one is saying that demo is running at 30fps either, or did they and I missed it? I highly doubt we are looking at an optimized build of the game. 30FPS is perfectly fine, especially if it’s stable and doesn’t deviate much (swinging from 40-60FPS is much worse than staying at a steady 30FPS).

I finished DS2, then went back to DS1. The 30fps frame rate was jarring for the first 30 minutes, after which it feels exactly the same as DS2. If I went back and loaded up DS2 now, I’m sure there’d be a difference, but it’s not as noticeable as I thought.

The difference is like being punched in the face.

You adapt to it after playing for a bit, but going from DS1 to DS2 right afterwards is jarring as hell.

A punch in the face… I can agree with that. Eventually the pain goes away. :)

Yeah I kind of agree, however there have already been 3 “Souls” games and it’s good to see a bit of a divergence from the norm.

Direct Feed gameplay:

Looks fantastic, I wonder whether the release version will look so good. I also didn’t see anything resembling soul collection so I wonder how leveling up/economy will work.

That atmosphere is fantastic.

Hah, that looked like Dark Souls from the very first moment when the character stands up. The little glimpses we’ve seen so far had masked the unmistakable feel.

The A team must like dodging in cardinal directions while locked on. At least this time they let you dodge behind an enemy instead of directly to the side as in Dark Souls, although it seems like that would make things a little easy.

Sorry, it’s a minor thing. I just care a lot about how rolling works in these 3rd person melee games.

Oh, and it looks like concerns about a change in combat are completely unfounded. Seems pretty similar, other than the obvious lack of shields. Might have been another translation issue.

Oh yeah, that’s a new Souls game. Day-f’ing-one for me. Still cannot wait.

I am almost ready to buy PS4 for this. :)

I will buy a PS4 for this game. I am a huge souls fan.