Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

must be after old yharnam, I never went there. Maybe there is a choice where to go? I need to watch a lets play of the first section of the game to know where I am and what’s going on. I don’t want to restart the game because of Father G. I had no fun fighting him.

You could do them in either order but it’s much more common to go to Old Yarnham. OY is actually completely optional.

Found this area last night and I like it quite a bit! The cracked cobblestones, the burning crucifixes, the smoke rising off smoldering corpses. And then I step onto the bridge and a beast bursts through a cloud of smoke. Quite the introduction.

I like how they introduce you to the world by showing you an area on the brink (Central Yharnam), then followed by an area that’s been lost (Old Yharnam). A lot more interiors in OY as well. Skirting through ruins, climbing (and jumping off of) roofs, heading inside an imposing church.

I had some seriously dicey moments surrounded by red-eyed beasts. Game can be seriously terrifying.

this makes me want to play again …

It’s fantastic. It feels like the best parts of Dark Souls (exploration, mystery, levels that wrap around on themselves) mixed with the best parts of Sekiro (quality of life improvements, combat, enemy variety, boss fights).

The trick weapons are superb. I love them all. The intricacies of each moveset makes each weapon feel like four different weapons.

And being a huge horror guy, the game seems specifically made to press all my buttons.

I knew this game was going to be good (it’s reputation is hard to ignore) but I had no idea it’d be THIS good.

EDIT: I’m taking my time with this one. Going super slow. Investigating all nooks and crannies. Keeping notes about the story. Drawing little maps in my notebook. I’m so hooked.

It’s even better than that.

Parry question: with some enemies I pull of the parry, but still get hit. This leaves the enemy down on a knee, but I get knocked back far enough that I can’t recover in time to pull of the visceral.

Am I too late on the parry? Should I be back-hopping and parrying? Should I be dodging and parrying?

Just a little late, don’t change anything. Sometimes you’ll be out of position too. That’s why melee parries work better. See Sekiro!

VERY MUCH looking forward to my second play through. Sometimes I just replay past boss fights in my head.

edit: I do like the gun parries in BB. very fitting for this game. and it feels good to blast something in the face as it’s lunging at you.

Old Yharnam was quite the puzzle. I went over the level a few times before discovering the proper way to go (at the bottom of the ladder I walked past that tunnel at least twice without seeing it). That central courtyard was such a deathtrap. Machine gunner peppering me, shrouded beasts trying to poison me, fucking crows scaring the shit out of me, and that hunter zipping around trying to murder me.

I eventually found my way up the turret to confront the gunner. Holy shit. That guy destroyed me. Even my visceral attacks seemed to do zero damage. I left him there for now. I guess I’m not strong enough yet.

The sight from the top of the hill, looking down the cracked path flanked by burning crosses, was unreal.

The Blood Starved Beast carved me up, but I think I have a handle on that fight. I hope Gascoigne’s poison resist armor will serve me well.

Things are getting weird. I got kidnapped! I stumbled onto an altar to some lovecraft demon, then got my throat slit by an old woman.

Looks like I have a few different places to go: to the top of Oedon Chapel (a door that was locked somehow opened), to the “round plaza of the Great Cathedral” (bought that 10k handkerchief), or I can “break the seal of the old underground labyrinth."

I did enough exploring around the lovecraft place to find the area boss, some electro-beast, and I wandered around the central area of the Cathedral Ward until I got smacked around by some new enemy types. Seems like I may be too low for either of those places.

Gehrman seems to think I should “ascend the Oedon Chapel,” so I guess that’s where I’m going. Or maybe i’ll check out this labyrinth first…

All I want to do is play Bloodborne, and when I can’t play it, all I want to do is think about it. Usually when I feel this way about a game, I start reading a bunch of stuff and listening to podcasts about it, but I soooo don’t want anything spoiled.

This game has my head spinning.

Took down Vicar Amelia; found my way into The Forbidden Woods (found out WHY they are forbidden); paid Iosefka a visit and figured out just WTF she was doing behind those closed doors; wandered into a small church off the beaten path that was surprisingly well guarded and ended up getting the pants scared off me and whisked away to…where exactly? Some hellish other dimension?

I have no idea what’s going on and I love it.

quick Q: are chalice dungeons just for farming mats?

Mostly, although there are a couple unique bosses down there. It’s unnecessarily grindy and repetitive, unfortunately, but if you like the combat loop it can still be fun and in the random ones every once in a while you’ll see something wacky or cool.

Playtime has been seriously scarce lately due to a bunch of random things, but I’m still enamored with this game. Pretty sure it’s going to end up being my favorite souls game. Got through the Forbidden Wood and the trio of bosses there, through Byrgenwerth and the spider, and Hemwick and the witch. All three bosses were pretty okay, nothing too fancy or difficult.

Game is beyond wild right now. The world is just completely upside-down!

I paused my solo game to play co-op with a friend, and got up to the point I stopped. It’s slow going hopping back and forth between solo and co-op but I love the game and the world so much it’s amazing fun.

The cutscene after Rom is right up there with the one after Amelia. It’s great stuff. And the witch of Hemwick is not “okay”, get off your difficulty high horse and recognize that she’s got eyes everywhere and it’s awesome :p

There are two optional areas that are definitely worth visiting at around this point in the game, but in true Souls fashion they’re very easy to miss. If you haven’t been to Cainhurst or the Upper Cathedral Ward it’s worth looking up how to get to each. Canhurst you may have stumbled upon already. Upper Cathedral Ward isn’t accessible until you get to the area after Rom so you may not have found the key for that yet.

Yeah it was a poor choice of words, point taken! In my head it’s usually about difficulty. So when I say it was “okay” I mean I didn’t shit my pants or break out in a cold sweat.

The boss fights in BB have been great. I’m happy to face encounters that don’t seem insurmountable, and the bosses I mentioned all fit into that category, especially since the areas leading up to them were pretty harrowing. Like the snake infested part of the woods, and those fucccccccccccccccccking Cronenberg fly monsters in byrgenwerth.

Cainhurst I think I’m on my way to…Upper Cathedral Ward I know I haven’t been to because I’m pretty sure it’s behind a locked door that yeah, I don’t think I have the key to yet.

Found the key for Upper Cathedral Ward! Messed around in that area a bit last night after I backtracked and finished off Darkbeast Paarl.

I love how the statues continue to get weirder and creepier in every new area. The statues in Upper CW being the creepiest so far.

Bloodborne will not be out-statued.

I am thinking I want to dig back into this sometime soon and when I do I want to include the DLC since it seems to be pretty darn good. I will either totally restart or continue my 1/2 way or more save.

Is there anyway to get an alert about a sale on the DLC? I wish PSN had a wishlist like Steam. I am in no hurry, so I figure I might as well wait on a sale.

Not that I know of but I’m pretty sure there is a Sony sale coming up on the 13th so set yourself a reminder to check then.