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How did you beat Maria? Did you guys only fight her in coop so far, not solo? That’s where I stopped when I switched to Dark Souls 3.

The obvious way to beat her, I was thinking, was to get the timing down somehow to always get a gun counter. If I could do that 12 times in a row, I’d win. But doing it that often seems … unlikely. Especially in her last phase, when she’s splashing around what I assume is acid blood everywhere, blood from an alien perhaps, except that it’s red.

I got her to the second phase without the help of my co-op partner by managing to parry her three times. I took the advice of someone on the internet to use the blunderbuss (instead of the hunter’s pistol) for hunter encounters, as it’s more likely to hit a target that is jumping/dodging around a lot.

Since I was going in blind, the second phase was a total mess solo.

With my co-op partner it was much more manageable, since there was another person for her to target. Parrying her seemed impossible on the second phase, since she vanishes a lot.

We managed to take her down by not locking on (lock on was death due to the range of her attacks), rolling around a lot, and sprinting at her hit and run style.

Worked pretty well! We got her on our second attempt.

edit: oh, and lightning seemed to be pretty effective on her.

I just got gud and pwned her. Duh!

It is really the next boss you have to worry about. Maria is a cool fight but I didn’t have much difficulty at all beating her. Maybe because I was using the “Pizza Slicer” which is an absolutely viscous weapon. Especially its mechanized sustained spin action.

Obviously level also makes a big difference. Kolbex was level 145 when he reached her, I was level 78, so I bet our two experiences were quite different.

There are indeed a ton of great DLC weapons. It’s very satisfying to smack around the humanoid enemies at the beginning of NG+.

Blood Rocks. Need, can’t find. Assuming at least one is somewhere in the Nightmare of Mensis?

Weird way to gate the final weapon upgrade. Dark Souls isn’t super generous with slabs, but I had a fully upgraded weapon in every previous souls game way before I reached the last area.

Yes, but you’re 80 levels better than I am at the game, so it evens out.

I used the Whirligig against Laurence, but I was never able to do much with it outside of him. The Holy Blade was always more damage and quicker moves for me. I never could get the fabled L2 stunlock to work with it, either.

Yes, there is one in the nightmare, and until the DLC I think it was the only one.

All of the other Blood Rocks come from chalice dungeons. IIRC you can get up to 3 from treasure chests in random dungeons and beating the final boss of any Depth 5 dungeon has a chance to drop one.

It just occurred to me that this game’s analogue of “going hollow” (being blood drunk) is almost exactly the opposite, conceptually. I don’t think it’s really significant, but it is interesting, to me anyway.

Oof. You said it.

We thought we had the fight figured out after we finally managed to get it down to half health and then whamo, second phase time.

Ran out of steam (and blood vials) after that. Going to hack away at him solo for a while before heading back in there with my buddy.

This DLC has been amazing.

Should I go back and kill Laurence before Orphan? Or does it matter?

I don’t think it matters, but Laurence may be a bit anticlimactic after Orphan. He was hard, but not Orphan hard, and OoK has some nice set dressing after the battle that will make you feel as though the DLC has been brought to close, which may make it feel a bit weird to have to turn around and go back to beat Laurence.

Made a new character and fired this up for the first time with PS+. Wow, what a change. Messages and bloodstains everywhere. Also I missed killing the tutorial beast with my bare hands by one hit again.

Is this because of the return to old yharnam event?

Nope, what’s that?

Return to Yharnam

Reddit Thread

"The event runs from October 5 to November 5, and the rules are simple: start a new character, dress to your liking or choose from a list of costumes to assemble, and invade as much as you can. The subreddit explains that the event is being shaped by responses that garner the most upvotes. So far, the community has decided on two unique costumes, the exact start time, and instructed participants to use invasion and resonant bells to “add a lot of life and community vibes to the game for the month we are returning to Yharnam.”

The Return to Yharnam Halloween event begins just after midnight on October 5 in no specific timezone. Check out the subreddit for suggestions on costumes or to make your own impact on Bloodborne’s 2019 community-driven Halloween event."

One day online Bloodborne will be free from the shackles of PS+. I’ll wait for that day to join online.

Oh actually, we already know a way. I should get a month of PS Now sometime. That will give me online access for a month without paying too much. I wonder if there’s lots of messages in the Old Hunters?

That first “corridor” in Central Yarnham really does suck ass.

I restarted the game couple of times and always lose interest, when I reach the turret/sniper level. It is annoying, and the guy is also tough to beat. Reminds me of the silver archers in Anor Londo …

Drawing a blank here.