Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Successor


Is there any benefit to picking up the DLC if I’m still early on?


Not especially. The DLC is really more endgame content


I’m starting to warm to this a bit. Managed to take out the Cleric Beast on my first attempt. Maybe it’s because it’s not so visible on the UI (or maybe because I hadn’t unlocked the ability to level up) but I have less of a fear of dying and losing my souls. Or blood echoes. Or whatever.

But damn, those load times.


Seriously: fuck these load times. If I end up shelving this game, that’ll be the reason why.


I stumbled across Father… uh… Gas Can? and I think that’s where I’ll stop for tonight.


Good luck! He’s tough without any aid.


Bloodborne has by far the most optional areas/bosses when compared to other Souls games. And a lot of the bosses are relatively easy to access when you know the routes. When I replayed the game in NG+ I went through the game surprisingly fast because I skipped everything and just did what is required.

From the start just go directly to Father G. After killing him, buy the hunter crest to unlock the gate to the main cathedral to kill Vicar A. It is now night. Head for the mage college with the three Shadows boss in your way (probably the longest section as it is two large areas). Kill the spider. Welcome to the late game after only 4 boss kills! Rush through the hidden city to kill the boss. Congrats, you now have access to the final area with 2 bosses to go.


An SSD helped for me, but it’s still pretty bad.


Technical issues like that make it hard for me to call it their best game. Though I don’t know which other one I would choose at this point. They’ve never really brought it all together to make a near-perfect game.


Didn’t a patch make loading times significantly shorter? I shudder to think what they were before that.


That’s good to hear! I was playing without having installed the patch as I didn’t want to wait for 8gb to download first and let that go overnight. I’m curious to see if there’s much of a difference.


How 'bout that, everything’s on the Internet. I guess it’s about 30-40% faster.


Oh come on!

It’s still a shock coming from PC. Can’t do anything about the 30 fps either, but at least your mind gets used to it.


Hey, it was either play it without the patch or not play it last night at all.

Yeah, the frame rate is probably the strangest bit about this game for me. It’s the first time I’ve played a Souls game where it wasn’t solid and smooth.


Fair enough, glad you got a chance to play. But the angry gamer who we find out later is doing it wrong is the worst type!

Three lashes with the threaded cane for your sins.


I was wondering what you meant by the load times - it’s not bad at all on my patched SSD game. Though I do remember it being awful back in the day.


Yeah, the load times are no longer an issue. Plus, having the bits of lore on the loading screen help enormously.

I’m a little bummed I have to apparently subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to play this online. Not sure it’s worth it as I don’t do multi-player in general.


Boy, I was doing really well (for me) at this last night, but I am really struggling tonight. Those guys with the bricks are just laying waste to me.


I hope there’s a quicker route to Gas Can than from the Central Yharnam lantern. I haven’t made it to the fog gate without burning at least 3 blood vials.


In the plus column, I swapped out my saw cleaver for the threaded cane, and I love the whip mode on that sucker. Very nice.