Bloodborne: into the woods

Title Bloodborne: into the woods
Author Andrew Kneller
Posted in Game diaries
When April 1, 2015

People always say that a change in scenery can be therapeutic. After the frustration Vicar Amelia brought on, it was with some relief that I left the claustrophobic streets of Yharnam and move into the next major areas which revolve around dark, oppressive forests..

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I'm not that sensitive to spoilers in this game but dude let's not put the bosses in the picture above the jump.


You should have tried the Shadows of Yharnam solo. They're doable, but challenging, and winning is much more rewarding. It's sadly easy with even one cooperator.

I did this area last night, and it is my favorite section yet. It struck an excellent balance in terms of difficulty, being manageable without ever feeling easy. The shortcuts in this area and Byrgenwerth are also great, dramatically reducing the time to navigate the areas and providing a sense of real achievement for exploration.

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