Bloodline - hits Netflix March 20

I just saw the trailer for Bloodline. I don’t usually get pulled into “family with lots of skeletons in the closet undergoes turmoil” things but the trailer did a good job of piquing my interest.

It’s a drama series starring Kyle Chandler as one of 4 siblings in a well-off family in the Florida Keys. His mom & dad are Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek, so that’s cool. The hook is that the estranged older brother comes home and… drama. Oh, and Kyle is a a policeman of some sort.

But really, go watch the trailer.

It’s hitting Netflix March 20, and I’m looking forward to it.

Please, please, please do not hire anyone associated with Hemlock Grove for this.

Piqued my interest. So much TV these days…

I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of this. It’s pretty dark, but also interesting. The first episode was a little boring, but it’s interesting enough now that I’ll watch the rest. From what I’ve read, there’s enough interesting going on by the end of the 3rd episode that most people get hooked. Anybody else watching?

I want to, just haven’t gotten around to starting yet. Probably the weekend. I kinda need to finish up House of Cards and this before Daredevil starts, I feel, just to keep it consecutive and I’m not overlapping a lot (ultimately it doesn’t matter too much but I don’t want to jump about too much).

— Alan

Ten episodes in and its really quite good. It’s a slow burn, but the acting is top notch and the plot interesting enough. Highly recommend it.

Good to hear!

— Alan

I like the slow burn. Especially when it’s not so easy to predict which way things are going or piece apart a puzzle before the time comes. Three episodes in, and I’m hooked and sufficiently intrigued.

I’m nearly finished with the series and I love it. Slow burn indeed, but boy does it ramp up towards the end. The only thing that (minorly) bothers me is that Kyle Chandler’s accent sounds so different than his siblings. John sounds a heckuva lot like Coach Taylor while Meg and Kevin have very plain, flat accents. Danny’s is kind of hidden cause he has like a lispy thing going, but it seems pretty flat as well.

I am also very happy that Norbert Leo Butz - who has pretty much been running Broadway for the past fifteen years or so - has a high profile role in a great television show. He’s sort of been guesting here and there and this is his first big part. I saw him several years ago in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with John Lithgow and it remains one of the best live theater experiences I’ve ever had.

Hearing Coach Taylor say “fuck” a lot feels right, too. I wish they could have cursed on FNL.

Got a second season!

And no I still haven’t watched any of it yet. I accidentally started watching The Fall and pretty wound up in it, though it’s not too long and I’m already into Season 2.

— Alan

I takes a total shit in season 2, IMO. Happy Valley, Broadchurch are both much better ways to spend your time.

Well considering it’s probably a year away from airing, I think there’s probably a bit of time to allocate to whatever.

— Alan

I was talking about The Fall, sorry!

I started watching this, only seen two episodes so far but man I fucking love it. I am huge Coach Taylor fan so there is that. But in general I think the casting and acting is tremendous. It is a slow burn show but I love that.

I’m finally catching up on this, about 6 or 7 episodes in. Verrrry slow burn but great show. Took me a while to realize that the sister is the same actress that played Don Draper’s affair-prone neighbor in Mad Men. Agree on the casting - this feels like one of those shows where it’s hard to pinpoint anybody dragging it down.

Yeah I was a little skeptical at first, but I stuck with it based on the recommendation in the Narcos thread and now I’m hooked. Great show, definitely worth sticking with for the first couple of episodes at least.

And season 2 is out. I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far so I’m not sure how I think it compares to the first season overall. The beginning of the second season does move a lot faster than the beginning of the first.

I didn’t read any reviews yet but the A.V. Club score was a C, I think. I may give season two a shot eventually, but it’s low priority and if I don’t get to it before the fall when the regular shows start back, it may be a long time.

Loving the new season six episodes in. This show is not going to end well for anybody.

I ended up jumping into this sooner rather than later; finished up yesterday. I think it was pretty decent. I’ll watch a season three if they get one.

The story still has a lot of slow, meandering threads. But somehow that’s what I like and what’s holding it back all at once. We could certainly use more closure on at least a couple things by the end of the season (season one finale: where do they go from here? season two finale: shouldn’t there be more episodes to finish this season?) and if you’re not into a given subplot or the characters involved, you’ll be doubly frustrated by how that subplot gets dragged out (not referring to any particular plot, they all get dragged out).

But I also appreciate that this family is just kind of a sprawling mess and that everyone’s problems overlap without feeling too cleverly orchestrated. If you can get over the premise of just how improbably broken this entire family is (anyone Rayburn’s personal baggage alone could give enough material for their own very sad TV show), it’s fascinating to watch things strain and crumble without feeling like you can guess exactly where everything’s headed in each episode.